Q&A: Ensuring Drop-Shipping Success

Quality delivery services have always been a key selling point in the mattress market—but it is more important than ever before, thanks to increased competition and a changing retail landscape. Not only do today’s consumers look for efficient and reliable delivery, they expect clear communication throughout the process—from the moment of ordering through final fulfillment. And market research has shown that the delivery services are a major consideration for consumers when deciding where to purchase.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that drop-shipping has become an increasingly popular service offered by bedding manufacturers. A great solution for small retailers, drop-shipping minimizes inventory space and relieves them of the stress of managing their own delivery services. It’s not without risk, though. While the manufacturer is handling all of the shipping and logistics, the retailer is still the one interfacing with the consumer. And that means, if something goes wrong with the delivery, the retailer is most likely going to face the brunt of the customer’s frustration.

As more manufacturers are offering drop-ship capabilities, retailers need to be confident that these programs will meet the expectations of their customers before signing on.


How do you ensure a positive drop-shipping experience for the end-consumer?


QA_Corsicana - Gary Gray

Gary Gray
General Manager For Digital, Corsicana

At Corsicana, we’ve built a new fulfillment process with the latest technology to ensure we can fulfill the orders quickly and seamlessly. Our online retail partners hold us accountable for timely shipping, delivery and low return rates, and we hold ourselves accountable for delivering products to consumers in a nicely packaged box that arrives in good shape. Delivery has always been a pinch point in the home furnishings and bedding industry, and we have implemented a number of metrics to provide 24-hour shipping that is convenient and painless for the consumer, and ultimately, shines a positive light on our retail partners.

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QA_Classic Brands - Mark OwenMark Owen
Executive VP Of Sales & Business Development, Classic Brands

As experts in the boxed bed business for a significant amount of time, Classic Brands has honed its efficiencies through the years. Speed of delivery and keeping consumers informed of their order status are critical to making a great impression. The first-scan technology that we have implemented in our U.S. distribution centers immediately lets consumers know their mattress is on its way. With onsite UPS and FedEx receiving stations, orders are immediately loaded onto delivery trucks for shipping, which eliminates costly errors. The entire system allows our retailers to grow their business without additional inventory or warehousing expenses. Also, we maintain high levels of inventory in both our East Coast and West Coast facilities to allow for quick order fulfillment.

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QA_Brooklyn Bedding - John MerwinJohn Merwin
Owner & CEO, Brooklyn Bedding

At Brooklyn Bedding, we custom built a state-of-the-art system for the shipping department that ensures the right product is delivered to the right customer, every time. We continue to strategically partner with the largest shipping companies in the nation to make the delivery to the customer as smooth as possible.

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