Cultivating a Cohesive Brand Identity

Consumer recognition can play an integral role in any retail environment. A number of mattress companies have made strategic branding decisions recently, developing distinct, recognizable identities. The benefits of which extend beyond the manufacturer to their retail partners, helping to boost perceived value, expand market reach and, ultimately, lead to higher sales.


Denny Boyd specialty sleepWe are consistent with our brand messages and focus on the target demographic that the brand serves. Our consistency of message, colors, style and aesthetics within each brand help to establish and maintain the brand identity.

By using simpler bold collection names and high-tech digital advertising, our Broyhill branded products are targeted toward a younger consumer base and priced aggressively to fit the demographic. Contemporary fabrics, pillow shams and foot protectors reflect the more vibrant feel of the collections, while the products themselves include new technologies to intrigue the early adopter.

The Thomasville brand is geared toward an older consumer base. Priced to retail in the premium to ultra-premium ranges, these products are made with enhanced components including 100% natural latex with natural cashmere in the fabric. High-end collection names elevate the anticipation of the brand promise, while lighted POS displays and ultra-rich top-of-bed marketing lend distinction to this iconic brand—reflecting the elegant sophistication expected by loyal Thomasville customers.

With the Lane brand, we offer an upscale, clean, sophisticated image that is geared towards consumers aged 30 to 55—with top-of-bed accessories and fabrics that are soft and supple with a feminine appeal. The collections are named to clearly speak to the benefits the products provide. Priced in the middle to upper middle ranges, Lane products provide value along with aesthetic flair.—DENNIS BOYD, PRESIDENT OF BOYD SPECIALTY SLEEP

Jeff Willard SimmonsComplexity is the enemy of brand building, particularly in the mattress category where most consumers only shop once a decade and find the many brands, sub-brands and new technologies confusing. To that end, we’ve greatly simplified our branding efforts, unifying all of our premium mattress lines under the Beautyrest brand. And, of course, we continue to build products that truly help consumers sleep better so they can “LiveLife Fully Charged.”

But beyond building a great product, we also have to tell a great story. For the past several years, we’ve continuously raised the bar for creative advertising campaigns in this category--and this year is no different. The “Get Your Beautyrest” campaign takes a hilarious but hard-hitting look at consumers taking back the day thanks to a recharging night’s sleep on a Beautyrest. —JEFF WILLARD, EVP OF MARKETING AT SIMMONS BEDDING

David Binke es kluftA strong identity is important to the success of any product. Our customers understand that both Kluft and Aireloom mattresses offer unique benefits to a showroom floor. As a Top 15 producer, we recognized that putting extensive resources into marketing our products will help them be in a better position for the consumers to visualize, help our retailers, and assure the values of the brands for many years to come.

We started our process by differentiating between the two brands and rationalizing where they fit in the landscape of our industry. For Aireloom, we created the brand positioning statement “For over 75 years, Aireloom has brought handmade California design to the world.” We celebrated the California “dream,” highlighted its design, promoted its comfort and celebrated its handmade properties.

Next, we set out to differentiate the Kluft brand as “Crafted by masters for those who never stop dreaming.” We state that “there are those who live life without compromise. In pursuit of precision, they dedicate days upon years to hone their craft. We’re all born with certain talents. But, it takes a lifetime of work to be a master.” The brand speaks to its hand-crafted heritage, finer materials, exclusively and international flair.

Both brands’ websites were updated and redesigned to drive more consumer traffic to our customers. Finally, these platforms are supported with terrific graphic treatments, innovative POP and an investment in advertising and promotion. It is a powerful package that our retailers are responding very well to. —DAVID BINKE, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AT E.S. KLUFT AND CO.

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