Unpacking the Importance of Good Packaging

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Nowhere is this old adage truer than at retail. In a sea of seemingly similar products, successful manufacturers are faced with the difficult task of catching a consumer’s eye, engaging their interest and clearly communicating the benefits of a product. Captivating packaging is crucial in accomplishing this, serving to trigger emotions and convey key information without requiring much work on the part of the buyer. In addition to aiding customers with their purchasing selection, concise packaging can assist retailers with best assorting their showroom space in order to capitalize on buyer interaction, as well as helping sales associates better direct consumers to the appropriate product. Successful packaging pays off in big ways by strengthening name recognition, enhancing the buying experience, encouraging brand loyalty and ultimately resulting in increased sales for the retailer.

1. PureCare

Product Focus Pure Care ElementsPureCare’s popular Elements sheeting line and youth pillow program both exemplify the company’s fresh approach to at-retail marketing. Classified by specific wellness benefits, each Elements sheet set comes in a unique tubular canister, immediately setting it apart from the traditional boxy shape of most other sheet packaging. By incorporating a product swatch into the base of each container, PureCare creates an opportunity for the customer to engage with the product be fore buying.With its youth pillow assortment, PureCare takes the conventional package and turns it into something that goes beyond “just” a box. Each whimsical carton is designed to double as the perfect carrying case for special treasures. Attentive to “ah-ha” details, the company also provides post-purchase discoveries: the Elements sheets are wrapped in a chic branded cuff, while the interior of each youth pillow box features original hand drawn graphics to be colored in by the pillow’s new owner. By combining visual, tactile and interactive touch points within its product packaging, PureCare creates a dynamic relationship between consumer and merchandise, boosting retailer sales and solidifying brand loyalty.

Visit purecare.com.

2. Glideaway

Product Focus Glideaway FreestyleConcise, branded packaging isn’t just important for the store shelves. Reacting to the gaining momentum in the direct-to-consumer sector, Glideaway just released a newly updated box for its popular Freestyle Comfort Base. With a focus on brand identity, product ingenuity and customer convenience, the revamped packaging clearly communicates the purpose and benefits of the innovative power base. Designed with showroom floors in mind, the new box can be displayed next to the Freestyle model or any other bedroom furniture set—allowing customers to learn more about the versatile base while also highlighting the ease with which they can bring the product home.

Visit glideaway.com.

3. Malouf

Product Focus Malouf French LinenHaving won several awards and honorable mentions for packaging design, Malouf is no stranger to what makes good packaging. When considering packaging for its elegant French linen, the company decided that less is more and opted for a simplistic, yet rich, approach. Sporting an authentication stamp to communicate the product’s genuineness and a modest sewn-on label that avoids visual clutter, each sheet or duvet set comes in a tie-closed, self-fabric bag. By essentially packaging the product in itself, Malouf allows consumers to experience first-hand the look and feel of fine French linen even prior to purchase. The end result is a straightforward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, tactile encounter with a high-quality, high-end product.

Visit maloufsleep.com.

4. Fashion Bed Group

Product Focus Fashion Bed Group SleepSenseAt the Summer Las Vegas Market, Fashion Bed Group revealed its intuitive SleepSense packaging concept. Designed to stand out in a retail environment, the new streamlined packaging uses color-coding for product categorization as well as performance call-outs and icons to quickly convey key features and benefits of each product. In consumer focus groups, the packaging tested well, garnering positive feedback related to the softer colors that connote sleep as well as the clean, uncluttered overall look. All of these different elements work together to assist consumers in easily finding the right sleep product to fit their individual needs and preferences.

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5. Protect-A-Bed

Product Focus Protect-A-BedIn a continued effort to better serve its customers, Protect-A-Bed launched its rebranded packaging this past January after two years of development. This new packaging strategy categorizes the company’s products into one of three collections: Originals—Protect-A-Bed’s core products featuring its innovative Miracle Membrane; Naturals— products crafted from all-natural eucalyptus-based Tencel; and Therm-A-Sleep—products employing temperature regulating fibers. By grouping items by technology used and consumer benefits offered, Protect-A-Bed simplifies the buying process, allowing customers to simply and quickly select the sleep solution that best meets their needs.

Visit protectabed.com.

6. Beautyrest

Product Focus Beautyrest SleepTrackerBeautyrest is branching out in its accessories category, bringing hi-tech sleep science to its assortment with its new SleepTracker. For the tracker’s packaging, the company borrowed graphic details and color schemes from other electronic products, driving home the advanced technological properties of the device. A midnight blue background connotes sleep and brings to mind the iconic Beautyrest logo, while eye-catching, multicolored delta waves pop out at the customer and deliberately weighted lines nearly pulse with vitality. Inside the box, consumers will find the tracker nestled in vibrant oranges and purples that signify the anticipated energy to be received from utilizing such a product. To cap it all off, Beautryrest employs the clear marketing message of “Make Every Bed A Smart Bed.” By merging seemingly juxtaposed colors and tones, Beautyrest ensures that the SleepTracker will stand out on the showroom floor while also effectively communicating the high performance nature of its newest accessory.

Visit beautyrest.com.

7. Spring Air’s Chattam & Wells

Product Focus Spring Air Chattam & WellsThis past January, Spring Air reintroduced its revamped and re-imagined Chattam & Wells brand, merging modern opulence with quality craftsmanship. In developing the collection, Spring Air left no detail unscrutinized, including the packaging presentation. Wrapped in a sophisticated gray muslin bag, each Chattam & Wells mattress also includes an attached Welcome Kit imprinted with the brand’s iconic crown design—a motif echoed on the brushed steel label at the foot of every bed. Within the Welcome Kit, consumers will find a signed note by the bed’s craftsperson, a lavender sachet for aromatherapeutic benefits and suggestions for creating a true sleep haven— all of which enhance the upscale purchasing experience of the Chattam & Wells brand.

Visit springair.com and chattamandwell.us.