The Rapid Rise of Sleep Trackers

Advanced technology is everywhere today and the bedroom is no exception, from apps that automate routine tasks like flipping lights on and off to devices that provide enhanced entertainment while lounging. It’s no surprise, then, that tech-savvy consumers are expanding their interest in “smart” products to help them improve quality of sleep. Recent studies by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Sleep Foundation found that 22% of their adult respondents have adopted some kind of sleep technology. While apps for use with smartphones abound, those looking for more comprehensive data are seeking out products that are specifically designed to capture sleep metrics. From wearable devices to sleek stand-alone modules to entire mattress systems that provide detailed feedback, manufacturers are taking sleep tracking to new levels and delivering it to consumers in accessible, innovative ways.

  1. Sleepace

    Sleepace Sleep TrackerComprised of three separate elements, Sleepace’s smart sleep system combines Rest-On—a non-wearable monitor, Nox—a smart sleep light and the Sleepace mobile app to provide a comprehensive, detailed look at the user’s night. The first component, the RestOn, slides under the fitted sheet beneath the chest area, becoming virtually undetectable and invisible while it captures information about the user’s sleep cycle, body movement, heart rate and respiratory rate. Focusing more on environmental conditions, Nox—to be released in early 2016—records temperature, humidity, and C02 levels, and senses ambient light and noise. By communicating with RestOn, Nox will adapt to the user’s personal body clock, using light and sound technology to assist with the induction of sleep as well a more natural, less jarring waking. Both devices sync to the downloadable Sleepace app, which takes all of the data collected and presents it in an easily accessible way, giving the user a thorough overview of sleep quality and making smart suggestions on how to improve the overall sleeping experience.

  2. REM-Fit

    REM-Fit Active Sleep TrackerA brand founded on the basis of healthy living, REM-Fit made sure to include a fitness tool in their lineup. Part of the MOTIVATE collection, the REM-Fit Active turns getting—and staying—healthy into a game. Using proprietary algorithms, the unobtrusive, bracelet-style wearable device not only records the wearer’s activity level during the day, awarding ActivePoints, but it also tracks the user’s sleep activity, logging SleepPoints based on data obtained throughout the night. Paired with a smart phone via an app, the Active combines these points into a “360 Life Score,” motivating the wearer to be healthy all day long.


  3. Hello

    Hello Sense Sleep TrackerSleek and understated, Hello’s Sense sleep tracker is a small, unassuming device packed with sensors that monitor everything from air quality to ambient light to sound levels. Combined with the included Sleep Pill that clips onto a pillowcase, the system records both environmental variables as well as the user’s movement throughout the night. This information is then synched with the Sense app, and compiled into a Sleep Summary, which gives an at-a-glance picture of the user’s night; a Sleep Timeline, which provides a minute-by-minute, detailed recap; and a personalized Sleep Score, a unique number based on all of the compiled data that makes it easy for the user to asses sleep quality over time. The more Sense is used, the smarter it gets and the more it learns about the individual’s sleep habits, enabling it to provide intelligent tips that will increase the quality of the sleeping experience.

  4. Eight

    Eight Sleep Tracker CoverBilled as the World’s Smartest Mattress Cover, Eight (formerly known as Luna) packs the ultimate sleep experience into one device. Boasting a two-minute setup, the super-thin cover is designed to fit any mattress and disappear beneath the sheets. But despite the device’s nearly undetectable profile, Eight provides a wealth of sleep data such as sleep phases, heart rate and breath rate, and works as a smart alarm, waking users in the moment of lightest sleep for a less groggy start to the day. By syncing Eight to the downloadable app, consumers can easily learn what is and is not working during the night. In addition to this comprehensive sleep monitoring, Eight also provides enormous convenience benefits. The mattress cover has dual heating zones, allowing each partner to set the temperature individually, and is designed to integrate with numerous smart products such as thermostats, door locks, lights and a variety of fitness apps, offering consumers a clearer picture of their overall health. The Eight mattress cover can be pre-ordered now, for delivery in early 2016.

  5. Beddit

    Beddit Sleep MonitorThe Beddit sleep tracker is another non-wearable device that lies unobtrusively beneath the sheets to capture extensive sleep metrics, turning any bed into a smart bed. Beddit tracks small vibrations caused by heartbeats, breathing and body movements and synchs to the companion app to provide detailed graphs. Used in conjunction with the user’s smart phone, Beddit can also detect the presence and severity of snoring. The device compiles all of the sleep data into a daily “SleepScore,” a scale of 0 to 100 that measures quality of sleep. Beddit scientists have determined a specific range that typically reflects optimal sleep— called the Green Zone—so users can, at a glance, determine just how well they slept.


  6. Responsive Surface Technologies

    ReST BedFor those consumers who are not only looking to track their sleep, but improve sleep quality in real time, there is the ReST Bed by Responsive Surface Technologies (ReST). Launched this past fall and designed to be the ultimate smart bed, the ReST Bed utilizes state-of-the-art technology to automatically adjust the sleeping surface to each user’s unique needs as well as capture an incredible amount of data, thanks to its patented pressure-sensing fabric that monitors nearly 2,000 pressure points. As the bed assesses the sleeper’s needs, it reacts quietly and continuously by inflating or deflating the 5 differently-zoned air chambers that make up the core of the bed. Using the ReST Dash app on the included tablet, consumers can analyze sleep metrics and further customize their sleeping experiences. WiFi connectivity allows ReST Bed to integrate with existing and future home technologies.

  7. Customatic Adjustable Bedz

    iFit Smart SystemCustomatic Adjustable Bedz recently partnered with ICON Health & Fitness Corp. to develop the iFit Smart System, a fully comprehensive system that does more than just monitor sleep performance. The system includes a pressure-relieving mattress, premium cooling mattress pad and adjustable power base. Each incorporates sensors that continually scan the body during sleep to monitor heart rate, body motion, REM sleep cycles, length of sleep and body temperature. This data is then stored in the iFit system app alongside information about the user’s daily diet, nutrition, exercise and work patterns. By tracking and monitoring users’ entire daily performance, iFit provides key data on what could have caused sleep issues or physical responses. This innovative system then takes it a step further by offering simple solutions to help users not only improve their sleep but enhance their overall health, fitness and lifestyle as well.

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