The Problem Solving Powers of Performance Materials

Amidst the electronic glow of daily life, we often associate technology with apps and devices. However, bedding manufacturers have been incorporating technological advancement into the materials of their latest sleep products. And while the technology itself isn’t always easily visible, the effects are tangible. From copper, Tencel and Celliant to exclusive proprietary technologies, manufacturers are crafting products that benefit consumers’ health in very real ways. Retailers can take advantage of the selling power of these performance materials, offering their customers unique problem-solvers for a variety of complaints. Whether delivering temperature regulation, moisture management, breathability, anti-inflammatory properties or maximum recovery, these smart components work hard every night to make sleep more effective and improve well-being. Today’s leading retailers can leverage the sleep-solution potential of performance materials, helping consumers to unplug and recharge.


SHEEXThe brainchild of two elite athletes and coaches, SHEEX was created specifically to address the sleep needs of active people. The company’s SLEEP FIT technology breathes 50% better than traditional cotton sheeting, remaining cooler to the touch and more effectively transferring body heat. Incorporating proprietary performance “DNA,” the SHEEX ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE collection provides an exhaustive array of recovery products including bedding, comforters and pillows, as well as mattress pads and toppers—all working to promote airflow, transport moisture and regulate the body’s temperature. In addition to its ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE line, SHEEX also offers several other performance collections, among them ICED COMFORT—using TENCEL lyocell fibers for improved moisture absorption, increased anti-microbial properties and a cooling feel; and Luxury Copper—similar in feel to the ORIGINAL sheets, but integrating PRO+IONIC copper technology that naturally reduces odors and may assist with detoxification of the body. Utilizing the most advanced fabric and fill technologies combined with an ultra-soft hand feel, all of SHEEX’s performance products deliver a more restorative sleep experience.



BEDGEARBuilding its business around the central idea of nighttime recovery, BEDGEAR has developed numerous patented technologies that encourage deeper, more restorative sleep. BEDGEAR takes its technology seriously, creating a standard against which each of its products is assessed to evaluate airflow in the company’s trademarked CFM (cubic feet per minute) measurement. Only once a product has scored a minimum of 100 CFM is it considered worthy enough to be included in the company’s elite PERFORMANCE line of recovery products that feature advanced materials conducive to healthier, more efficient sleep. Ver-Tex fabric technology provides instant heat deflection while remaining cool to the touch, allowing the body’s natural temperature to drop to its ideal sleeping temperature. Air-X ventilated panels keep air flowing, moving heat away from the head, neck and shoulders while maintaining ambient air temperatures. The durable channel-weave of BEDGEAR’s Dri-Tec fabric acts as an airflow management, moisture transport and heat dissipation system. These various performance textiles work in different ways to wick away moisture and remove heat, keeping sleepers both dry and cool throughout the night while also reducing tossing and turning, resulting in maximum recovery.


3. PureCare

PureCarePureCare is no stranger to smart textiles, boasting a comprehensive suite of products that address a number of common consumer complaints with regard to sleep. In addition to the company’s ultra cooling Frío technology and a host of antiallergenic treatments like antimicrobial silver products, PureCare also offers several items with the revolutionary textile Celliant. Created from a proprietary mix of minerals that are crushed and added to a liquid polyester, Celliant harnesses the power of a person’s body heat, reflecting it back to the body as infrared light. Infrared light has been clinically proven to promote circulation and regulate body temperature, aiding in cell performance and recovery. PureCare uses Celliant technology in its Lumen sheeting program, its Celliant protectors and its new Body Chemistry pillow line, making healthy, rejuvenating sleep available to consumers in a myriad of ways. Best of all, Celliant is literally woven into each item and can’t be washed out, allowing it to keep working for the life of the product.


4. Danican

DanicanDelivering progressive, advanced technology couched in contemporary Scandinavian design, Danish-American company Danican recently rolled out its 3d flo bedding program. Available as encasements for pillows, toppers and mattresses, 3d flo utilizes inherently antimicrobial Tencel as a natural fiber sleep surface. In addition to its hypoallergenic properties, Tencel is also luxuriously soft and smooth, and works to move moisture away from the body. Danican capitalizes on Tencel’s innate qualities by weaving it into a three-dimensional knit, actually creating a physical “air barrier” between the sleeper’s body and the mattress or pillow. This design not only improves airflow, ventilation and temperature regulation, but also augments Tencel’s moisture managing abilities by increasing evaporation of otherwise accumulating moisture—all of which translate into cooler, drier, more refreshing sleep.


5. Talalay Global

TalalayGlobalTaking its premiere Talalay latex and infusing it with copper, Talalay Global has made a great product even better. Containing real copper flakes, Talalay Copper takes advantage of copper’s numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties that aid in the relief from arthritis, bursitis and rheumatism. Studies have shown that copper may also naturally combat restlessness and encourage brain stimulation during sleep, allowing consumers to wake feeling truly refreshed. In keeping with the company’s commitment to creating natural, healthy products, Talalay Copper is Class 1 Oeko-Tex certified, and can be found in both the company’s mattresses and pillows. By combining the healing benefits of copper with the hypoallergenic properties of Talalay, Talalay Global has crafted a highly durable, supportive and healthy sleep surface.


6. Blu Sleep

BluSleepTouting unsurpassed breathability, Blu Sleep’s AIRTEX performance material is featured in the company’s pillow and mattress covers, working in concert with its uniquely formulated Italian foams to provide consumers improved airflow and enhanced comfort. Using moisture-wicking Tencel and a specialized weave, AIRTEX allows heat generated by the sleeper to pass through the pillow or mattress and away from the body, keeping the sleeper both cooler and dry. AIRTEX pillow covers offer dual sided comfort, with one side featuring micro pillows for a massaging effect while the other side’s mesh fabric allows for extra air flow and maximum coolness with a smoother sleep surface. Due to AIRTEX’s four-way stretch, the foam is able to fully flex and contour to the sleeper’s body for ultimate support. Along with Blu Sleep’s Silver Clear antimicrobial treatment, AIRTEX delivers a hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulated sleep environment.