The Latest In Cool Sleep Solutions

By Elaina Hundley

Sleeping hot remains one of the biggest challenges for consumers looking to get that perfect night’s sleep—but thankfully, today, they have a wide range of products and solutions to try. From phase change materials and breathable fabrics to cooling pads filled with water, there are many ways to provide your customers with the cooling benefits they’re searching for. The following manufacturers are continually innovating to deliver sleep products that help sleepers reach the right temperature to help them fall (and stay!) asleep.

AURIA From Sleep Research Technologies

Accessories_Sleep Research Tech Auria

The National Sleep Foundation, sleep doctors and sleep specialists agree that temperatures between 60° and 67°F provide the optimal conditions for restorative sleep. Through the implementation of advanced physics and state-of-the-art technologies, the AURIA sleep system creates a true “Micro-Climate” of cool, clean filtered air around the entire perimeter of the system. Emulating nature by encapsulating the sleeper in this “Micro-Climate,” AURIA’s focus is on perfecting the sleep environment. AURIA is ideal for retailers looking for a less mattress-centric solution to deliver cooling benefits to shoppers. Retailers carrying AURIA have said that about 80% of their AURIA sales have also included a new mattress and adjustable systems—and many have observed that displaying a certain mattress on the AURIA has increased sales of that model by over 200% .


Serta’s iComfort

PF_Serta iComfort

Insights from Serta’s recent segmentation study found that more than half of consumers surveyed want a mattress that prevents them from waking up feeling hot and keeps them at the perfect temperature for sleeping. In response, the brand introduced the new iComfort by Serta. Featuring a special memory foam layer infused with carbon fiber, the full iComfort collection touts some of the newest cooling technologies available. Channeling heat away from the body and providing exceptional strength for back and neck support, the iComfort’s step-up story includes Gel Active Max Memory Foam for more airflow, a new UltraCool System that helps absorb excess heat from the body, and an Air Support Foam that smartly contours around the body to help alleviate aches and pains. With an official launch in October, this new iComfort collection’s focus on consumer insights and preferences makes it a particularly valuable product for retailers.


Shifman’s Enhanced Quilted Collection


While Shifman offers an array of unique cooling technologies, the company also lauds the cooling and natural benefits of classic cotton. Its Enhanced Quilted collection features five two-sided mattresses that have been totally revamped with added comfort levels and updated aesthetics. Consisting of up to 34 pounds of natural cotton upholstery, these new quilted mattresses offer all-natural breathability that keeps the sleeper cool without chemical additives.


MLILY’s AirDream

Mattress_MLILY AirDream

Taking a unique but surprisingly obvious approach to cooling, MLILY USA’s AirDream is a complete sleep system—including a power adjustable bed base and hybrid mattress—that incorporates a series of fans to keep cool air flowing through the layers of the mattress. In addition to preventing moisture build-up, these fans work in conjunction with the cool knit fabric cover and ventilated bamboo charcoal memory foam in the mattress to deliver a cooler sleep experience. The built-in fans are attached to the adjustable base and controlled by a remote control programmed with a timer that automatically turns off after two, four or five hours. The system also features an alarm to wake sleepers in the morning. With an articulating head and foot, LED under-bed lighting and USB ports as well as a pre-set zero gravity position, AirDream is a feature-rich system with a clear cut value proposition.


OOLER From Chili Technology

PF_Chili Tech OOLER

The OOLER is Chili Technology’s most advanced and luxurious sleep system with a hydro-powered thermal range of 55–115°F. Using three main facets to deliver optimal sleep, the OOLER system includes a control unit, a hydro layer and a mobile app. The control unit, where water is inserted, allows the sleeper to select their optimal sleep temperature via front-facing buttons or the OOLER app. The OOLER regulates the micro-climate of the bed by actively circulating water through its leak-proof hydro layer. Featuring naturally-occurring far-infrared (FIR) technology, the bottom-layer of the washable mattress cover is knit with thermally-reflective fibers that are waterproofed with a urethane coating.


The G.I.F.T Collection From Diamond

Taking its name from the concept of the “Gift of Sleep,” Diamond’s G.I.F.T collection includes four mattresses: Grateful, Intention, Faith and Transformation. While most foams lose approximately 70% of their breathability when compressed, the G.I.F.T collection employs Diamond’s proprietary Sparkle foam, which maintains greater airflow even after roll-packing. The foam contains conductive flakes that come in contact with each other when compressed, forming bridges of conductivity that move heat away from the body and help sleepers naturally regulate body temperature. The goal of this mattress construction is to surround the sleeper with materials that enable, rather than restrict, temperature regulation.


Brooklyn Bedding’s TitanCool Technology

PF_BK Bedding_Aurora

Understanding how essential temperature is to sleep, Brooklyn Bedding manufactures all of its mattresses with some variation of cooling—from open cell technology and copper to gel and phase change molecule (PCM) surface infusions. One way the company helps keep sleepers cool is through TitanCool, a proprietary PCM surface infusion that draws excess heat out and away from the body. When skin temperature rises above 88°F, the microencapsulated PCM liquifies, disseminating a cooling effect. While the company originally used this technology—a smooth top weave that allows sleepers to feel the advanced cooling on contact—in its Aurora bed, it now uses it in other models as well. In fact, the technology is the basis for several of the company’s accessories, including the Luxury Cooling Pillow and the Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector. Additionally, Brooklyn Bedding often pairs TitanCool with CopperFlex foam, adding CopperGel to the foam’s cell structure to enhance the bed’s thermal regulating properties.