The Future Of Private Labeling

As the brick-and-mortar retail market grows more and more competitive, stores need new ways to set themselves apart. Developing a private label collection can help solidify a store’s brand identity and offer patrons a product they can’t find elsewhere. One of the keys to creating a successful private label program and building a recognizable brand is finding the right manufacturing partner. We’re highlighting companies that employ innovative techniques to help retail partners curate unique private label line-ups and ultimately define their brands.

PF_Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding

As both a manufacturer and retailer, Brooklyn Bedding holds a unique position in the mattress industry. Since the brand runs a combination of brick-and-mortar stores in addition to ecommerce channels, it not only provides retail partners with solutions, but also has a deep understanding of the different kinds of opportunities and challenges retailers face. Brooklyn Bedding approaches new partnerships by working with retailers to identify areas for growth within their current assortment and the needs of their business, then produces a customized private label product that meets those identified needs. In addition to offering product exclusivity to retailers, the company offers the added advantage of on-demand production and free shipping. Touting its vertical integration on the manufacturing side, Brooklyn Bedding is able to respond quickly and adapt to its partners’ evolving requirements. The brand consistently strives to create an effortless private labeling experience for retailers that addresses the wants and needs of their customers and the demands of their business.


PF_Malouf (1)


Bringing a consultative approach to private label partnerships, Malouf creates every piece of the product journey in-house, from product development and production to warehousing and logistics to marketing and customer service. The brand began taking on a wide range of sleep product private label projects seven years ago. As time has gone by, the company’s reach and expertise has steadily grown—its wide scope of products and industry knowledge makes the brand a desirable partner. Due to the popularity of its private labeling programs, Malouf now has fully developed design, copy, imagery and video teams that can handle any project with a swift turn-around. The brand prides itself on its strategically located warehouses that make order fulfillment seamless and ensure that partners receive product within two days of order submission. Malouf is able to serve retailers large and small with container-direct programs and its 500-unit minimum private label programs. A private label partnership with Malouf can help retailers protect their pricing and brand integrity, differentiate their product offering and streamline inventory.



Known for creating just-right, custom private label programs, Danican does not compete with its customers—it strives to complete them. Approaching new partnerships with the goal of helping retailers grow and thrive, Danican’s slogan “bringing private label programs to life” is at the very core of its business. Offering customers a global perspective, the company has manufacturing, sourcing and sales organizations in Europe, Asia and the USA—allowing it to stay on the cutting edge of materials and supplies. Danican provides comprehensive support with graphic design help, trade show assistance, “good, better, best” product selection, space management and more. To develop truly effective programs, the Danican team takes time to talk with clients to understand their business model, where they fit into the market and how they manage logistics. Also offering a consultative approach, the company shares feedback on sales, delivery, marketing and customer experience once a trusting client relationship is formed—and continuously collaborates with them to increase profitability with each lineup.


Diamond Mattress

From Diamond’s perspective, the industry has become commoditized—both in the way it designs and sells product. When retailers build their own brand with Diamond, they have a chance to differentiate themselves, control the product for better quality and better value overall. With a long history of making mattresses and box springs for retailers, Diamond’s business was built on that OEM model. Engia, the company’s custom mattress program, is the result of 80 years of evolving and honing those capabilities, advancing innovation and adding branding and marketing power to its private label program. Engia can bring product to the market and showroom floor for the retailer in 90–120 days with turn-key capability that includes: multiple levels of customization, multiple design and prototype concepts, thorough product development, components and materials sourcing as well as branding and marketing that includes POP and in-store experience. Diamond says typical growth for its Engia customers is 5–10% increase in margins and 10% increase in volumes within the first 6–12 months of the program.



A family-owned and Alabama-based manufacturer with 1,000,000 sq. ft. of real estate in the USA, HomTex offers a unique combination of speed-to-market, direct-to-consumer drop-ship logistics and workable minimum order quantities. With over 25 years of experience manufacturing and distributing HomTex and private-branded products through the home textiles, hospitality, apparel and automotive industries, HomTex brings retailers incredible industry expertise and a rich heritage. Offering clients a diverse group of proprietary home textile products, the brand consistently aims to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with new and existing partners. When on-boarding new customers, HomTex likes to explore three main areas: product need, development time-line and product development details. Priding itself on the design and material quality of its product portfolio, the company engages consumers by delivering strong value.