The Adjustable Opportunity

While the adjustable base category is far from new, the consumer awareness of adjustable products continues to grow. In addition to enhancing comfort, power bases offer tangible solutions to numerous health concerns. Educating the consumer on their advantages is a key to successfully stepping up retail sales tickets. In this Product Focus, we’ve highlighted the numerous brands debuting updated adjustable offerings to help retailers choose the best options for their stores and understand how to successfully introduce the newly improved technology to customers.

Customatic Technologies

Contrary to the perception that all adjustable bases look like those traditionally paired with hospital beds, Customatic’s adjustable bed base designs are sleek, lightweight and stylish. Its newest introduction, the FeatherLite, gives retailers the ability to customize the color of the breathable, mold and mildew resistant DuraMesh fabric on the top of the base so they really pop on the showroom floor. Its promotional Galaxy base comes with a wireless remote and several additional feature options. Both models are UPS-shippable and pair with any pedestal or platform bed. Customatic bases also offer a “Demo Mode” setting, which allows the base to continuously adjust through all the positions it offers – making it hard to miss. A great conversation opener in the qualifying phase can be a simple question: "Are you interested in a standard bed set or one you can customize to fit your personal preferences?" In today’s world, who would say no to a personalized sleeping experience?


Continuously refining adjustable base technology to bring higher levels of comfort and quality to consumers, Ergomotion’s products like the Contour Pure Slim and Motion Pure use lighter and stronger frames, more powerful yet quieter motors and renewable materials. They also deliver more remote functionality, offer a Zero-G setting as well as sonic massage. With its attention to detail, exclusive Extension Deck technology as well as its innovative features and benefits, Ergomotion is a true pioneer of Motion Bedroom Furniture category. According to the company, the number one way to incorporate adjustable bases into a showroom is to replace flat mattress foundations with Ergomotion adjustable bases. This allows the RSA to provide the customer with an enhanced experience from the outset. Ergomotion offers its retail partners access to its STEP-UP program which provides a simple method for the RSA to introduce and explain the adjustable base in response to the customer’s needs and lifestyle.


Encouraging RSA’s to focus adjustable base sales conversations around the health benefitsof sleeping in an elevated position, Glideaway advises that adjustable bases be displayed in a head-up or foot-up position to demonstrate the technology’s capabilities to the consumer as soon as they walk through the door. With models like the Odessa Comfort Base and the Accord Comfort base—which both offer a full range of motion, a wall hugger with 12” back travel, USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, the option for voice control with Amazon Alexa devices and elevation kit compatibility— Glideaway offers products on the cutting edge of adjustable base technology. In the case of the Odessa, its recessed steel legs can be adjusted to 8, 11.5 and 15 inches in height, delivers a full range of motion and comes with a sleep enhancement feature that has four wave modes, four levels of intensity and three timer options. The Odessa even includes under bed lighting. The Accord Comfort Base offers a split deck design for easy transport and also has a sleep enhancement feature with a similar range of options to the Odessa.

Leggett & Platt Consumer Products

According to Leggett & Platt, features such as memory, massage and under-bed light were rarely found on bases under $1,000 even four years ago. Now these features are standard in a variety of price ranges among adjustable bases, not to mention that the aesthetics of the category have greatly improved as well. With its Prodigy Comfort Elite, the brand’s most feature-rich bed base, Leggett & Platt offers four independent zones of adjustable comfort. Controlled by its industry first capacitive-touch remote, this model offers additional advanced features including a sleep timer on its free mobile app and five height adjustments. Touting a four-inch zero clearance profile, the brand’s Symmetry Zero base is both platform and slat friendly. Offered standard with wireless head and foot articulation, it can be configured with a wide array of options to fit customer needs. In the way of advice for incorporating adjustables into the showroom, Leggett & Platt suggests pairing a base with your store’s best-selling mattress or, better yet – every mattress.


Suggesting that retailers include an adjustable base with every mattress on the floor, Malouf’s approach follows the logic that if you can sell the mattress, you can sell the base. Primarily offering its Structures adjustable bed bases, which come in a range of model-types, the brand provides RSAs the opportunity to purchase the products at a discounted rate so they can truthfully recommend them and even customizes each base. The most recent add-on feature Malouf delivered is a child-lock to prevent kids from operating the base. At the entry level, the N150 is priced for first-time buyers looking for all the health benefits of an adjustable bed base without the frills of a more costly model. On the premium end of the line-up, the S750 is all about customization. Offering full-width lumbar support, the S750 ensures that customers find the just-right position. Malouf reports that its top selling stores achieve a 91% attachment rate on adjustable bases and that stores with multiple adjustable base models in the showroom see higher attachment rates.


Espousing the belief that the world of sleep is no longer one-size-fits-all, Reverie continues to develop customized lifestyle base programs for partners that foster significant growth. With a power base lineup offering products catering to a wide range of customer needs and budgets, the majority of Reverie’s bases include the brand’s proprietary 3D Wave Massage Technology to increase blood circulation and create a soothing sensation. In particular, Reverie’s R600 model has a tilt motor that introduces inversion and lounge positions for pressure relief. Additionally, Reverie’s R500L model offers full adjustability plus lumbar. With premium design features, grey side rails with tapered modular legs, this model makes a sleek addition to any bed. Both the R600 and R500L have powerful motors, but make little noise. Reverie’s experts emphasize that, “if you don’t show it, you can’t sell it.” For example, Reverie’s unobtrusive 3D Wave Massage Technology is a potential solution to health issues like pain or inability to relax, but it’s crucial that the RSA connect the value of this feature with the needs expressed by the customer.

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