Powering Better Sleep Through Voice Command Capabilities

By Elaina Hundley

In the past, technology often boasted all the things consumers could accomplish with “just a touch of a button.” With the rise of technologies like Siri, Alexa and Google Home, consumers now crave the ability to simply say the word and have their will be done. Using voice commands to prepare a sleeping space for bedtime not only delivers a clear cool factor to any product, it’s also convenient, often reinforcing a healthy sleep routine as well as making getting ready for bed easier for disabled and aging populations. A variety of sleep products, primarily adjustable bases, now incorporate voice commands in different ways—whether it be Siri connectivity, Smart Home Integrations or app-based voice command options. 

We’ve rounded up a handful of products and companies that are moving their technologies into the future with voice command capabilities:


Ergomotion’s offline voice-activated control system gives customers all the comfort they could ask for—one hands-free command at a time. Rather than offering compatibility with an app or smart home products, the Hello Ergo voice command system provides a straightforward menu of more than two-dozen factory preset commands that are available exclusively on the Quest 2.5 adjustable bed base. Users have the flexibility to personalize their sleep experience by programming their favorite positions for lounging, screen time and more. Ergomotion understands the importance of convenience and how bringing value to wellness-minded consumers can be supported with voice command capabilities. The usefulness of Ergomotion’s Quest 2.5 bed base comes from the hands-free technologies, allowing the user to perform numerous tasks at once while in bed. As technology continues to evolve, Ergomotion will continue to dive deeper into smart home connectivity to create greater product efficiencies from the comfort of the user’s bed.


Tapping into the desire for new technology among younger generations and addressing the focus on sleep quality among consumers of all ages, Rize offers voice command capabilities through an app in four of its seven adjustable base products. The mobile app incorporates voice commands, allowing the adjustable base owner to use their voice to utilize product features and benefits instead of using a remote. With one or two word commands, the user can quickly and easily use all the product’s functions they would typically engage with a traditional remote control. Adjustable beds help people sleep better and can be a key component to improving health and well-being. Incorporating the functions of an adjustable bed base into modern technology combines the two ideas by making the bed easier to use. It also eliminates the risk of losing a remote. Rize recommends that RSAs pre-install the app on their own phones for easier demonstration on the floor. Looking ahead, the company anticipates the use of voice technology in items like sound machines, alarms and next-generation adjustable bases.


Offering consumers multiple ways to utilize voice command capabilities, Reverie Connect supports voice command both through an app and through smart home compatibility. Reverie Connect works with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home smart speakers, which means that it is connected to the central hub of nearly every smart home and integrates very easily with any of the other devices on a home network. Reverie is helping consumers integrate all their electronics into an ecosystem that can enable them to have all the control in one place.

At the same time, it is also important to remember that not everyone is seeking out Smart Home integration or interested in voice command technology. When selling the technology on the floor, RSAs should first filter out anyone who is not interested. Start by asking customers if they use Amazon Alexa or Google Home speakers, or if they’re interested in doing so in the future. If you receive a positive response, from there you can talk about the advantages of Reverie Connect. In the future, Reverie plans to offer Reverie Connect in all of its power bases. 


This summer, Customatic Technologies is launching a proprietary voice control system that will provide an entirely new spectrum of voice command capabilities. Partnering with one of the largest healthcare companies in the nation to create a highly advanced system in its Voice Command Module, the new device can integrate with Alexa and Google Home or be operated using a phone app. But what really sets this tool apart is a third option: the new technology also allows communication to flow directly to the bed, ensuring a safe interface that keeps conversations private. Eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi connection, this third option allows the customer to take the product straight out of the box and plug it directly into the bed for immediate use. By making this technology much less complicated and easier to use, Customatic is not just targeting younger generations but ensuring that it is also accessible to an elderly population that may want a more streamlined experience and who may even benefit from voice command capabilities the most. For retailers looking to floor and sell this product, demonstrations will be key but the benefits are clear—Customatic’s latest tech tool offers a simpler way to live and sleep.


Malouf’s premium adjustable bed bases utilize the Malouf Base app with voice control command capability to support customers looking to personalize their sleep experience with features like Snore Detection and Partner Control. Available with iOS and Apple Watch compatibility, Malouf’s in-house team combined innovative technology with award-winning design to create an app that helps consumers maximize the health benefits of an adjustable base. In addition to snore detection, the app also allows for completely customized Siri shortcuts to automate tasks and hands-free adjustment of the base. Partner Control is a premium feature that allows customers to manage multiple bed bases from a single device. 

Because there are so many features and benefits offered in Malouf’s latest technology, focusing on the personalization that app integration offers allows RSAs to convert a younger demographic. The broadest and simplest benefit to promote is convenience. With voice command, customers do not have to worry about losing their remotes or remembering their preferred sleep position. Supporting the shift toward wellness within the industry, Malouf’s completely free app allows customers to tailor their sleep experience to their unique needs. In an attempt to continue optimizing the sleep environment, Malouf plans to enable its premium bases with Wi-Fi to connect not only the base commands but also lights, blinds, and TVs with Google Home or Alexa. 

Visit ergomotion.com, rizebeds.com, reverie.com, customatictechnologies.com and maloufhome.com