Mattress Protectors To Support Consumer Health And Safety

By Elaina Hundley

As the pandemic-driven focus on hygiene grows among consumers, mattress protection is more relevant than ever. A perfect accessory to bring consumers back into the store between mattress purchases, mattress protectors deliver the health and safety benefits customers are craving right now. For this Product Focus, we're honing in on this corner of the industry, focusing on products that emphasize anti-bacterial benefits and more.


With an organic and sustainable wellness story, OMI’s Mattress Barrier covers are made from 100% certified organic cotton fabric that boasts a tight 4.5-micron weave to completely enclose a mattress with a heavy-duty brass zipper. An excellent way to protect the surface of the mattress from staining and to ultimately extend the life of the product, OMI’s protectors are supported by a robust, exclusive training program that provides information in multiple formats—including video, phone, email, in-store training and consumer handouts. OMI utilizes all organic materials that do just as good of a job as conventional products on the market without using any harmful materials or applying chemical treatments that lead to harmful off-gassing. Organic Mattresses, Inc. is more than just an American manufacturer of certified organic mattresses and bedding, the brand is also a full-circle environmental company committed to the health and welfare of the planet.


Known for its devotion to supporting consumer wellness, PureCare manufactures mattress and pillow protectors that offer an essential layer for creating a cleaner sleep space. Beyond the responsive fabrics the brand uses to infuse cooling, recovery, aromatherapy and more into its protector collection, its OmniGuard Advance base protection fabric passed the highest barrier performance test established by the Centers for Disease Control and is certified to block viruses 32 nanometers in diameter (Covid-19 is approximately 125 nanometers in diameter). With a lightweight and breathable base fabric, it is uniquely designed to be washed and dried on hot settings for optimal sanitization. PureCare’s partnerships with recognized consumer research groups like the Women’s Choice Award (WCA) and trusted educational organizations like the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) are a testament to the brand’s commitment to product quality and sleep education.


Designed for both protection and comfort, the Purple Mattress Protector offers five-sided dual-layer protection and is made with an absorbent outer layer to help dissipate liquid, while the inner layer is water resistant so wetness will not soak through. The mattress protector uses uniquely stretchy fabric that allows the sleeper to feel the full comfort of the mattress. It's also flexible and avoids crinkling for an undisturbed night’s sleep. Purple believes that consumers have high awareness of mattress protectors as they pertain to children transitioning from a crib to a bed but that the understanding of is shifting as the way people are using their beds evolves. With more people working, schooling and living in their bed due to the pandemic, consumers are realizing that a protector can also help protect the mattress from the accidental coffee spill while working in bed or from their pet hanging out in bed with them. And, with attention to antimicrobial properties in sleep products on the rise, the greater focus on health and wellness as well as a desire to extend the life of the mattress (even with increased use) will both lead to growth in the category.  


Malouf has a protector for nearly all scenarios, offering everything from top-only protection to full encasements along a wide range of price points. Touting packaging with eye-catching shelf appeal, Malouf’s IceTech fabric protector delivers cooling properties; its Omniphase encasement utilizes phase change material woven into a fabric featuring Tencel Lyocell fibers for added temperature regulation, while its Weekender Hotel Grade encasement delivers a 360-degree zipper for enhanced cleanliness. All of Malouf’s products are also supported with marketing assets in the brand’s Wholesale Resource Center, which includes POS marketing materials and interactive display installations that demonstrate how liquid proof Malouf’s protector products are. Finally, Malouf offers enhanced warranty protection which covers both the protector and the new mattress should the protector ever fail. Through Malouf Home‚ retailers can sell the full package by attaching a protector for clean sleep and protected warranties, and sheets and pillows for better sleep temperature and enhanced comfort. This approach not only offers the best possible option for the consumer, it allows retailers to win big in the margins.


Soft-Tex provides a complete merchandised collection of mattress protectors for all channels of retail. All of the brand’s protectors feature whisper quiet fabrics with 100% back panel waterproof protection that prevents spills from passing through to the mattress. Delivering premium attributes like antimicrobial protection, allergen blocking protection, temperature regulation and wellness features like CBD, Soft-Tex manufactures a wide variety of protector products. The brand’s Fresh & Clean Mattress Protector features Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection, which is lab tested greater than a 99% reduction in bacterial growth to protect against stains and odors. Its Microshield Mattress Protector features the company's proprietary allergen blocking fabric, which is tested to block 99.78% of allergens one micron or greater. Finally, its newest protector is part of its CBD assortment of bedding that features Devan's R-Vital CBD chemistry. When selling mattresses, Soft-Tex stresses the importance of educating consumers about how valuable of the protector is to the life of the mattress by keeping the bed cleaner—protectors significantly cut down on the amount of sweat and dead skin cells that can live on the surface of a mattress.


SHEEX Performance Top + 4 Side Protection mattress protector features a breathable, smooth performance fabric surface that sleeps comfortably and will not change the feel of the mattress. Ultra-lightweight and stretchy,  SHEEX performance fabrics give the sleeper the ventilation and protection they need without adding bulk. Featuring deep pockets, this protector can accommodate mattress depths from 6-18" and is designed with a thick athletic grade elastic band to ensure a secure precision fit. A favorite among adjustable bed owners, it stays put, protects and breathes while keeping quiet to eliminate distraction while sleeping. The 100% liquid-proof membrane creates a quiet barrier against allergens and dust mites while allowing for airflow. Not only do SHEEX products boast positive reviews, the brand also takes pride in its ability to continually evolve its technology to meet consumer demands for products that make life easier and sleep more comfortable. 

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