Manufacturers Level the Boxed Bed Playing Field

As the bedding landscape continues to shift and evolve, retailers have had to become ever more nimble with how they respond to consumer needs. The increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer mattress brands has prompted many manufacturers to begin offering their own versions of boxed beds. Compressed, folded and rolled, these easy-ship mattresses are warehouse-friendly, or may even be available for dropship, eliminating the need for carrying any inventory at all. By having in-store samples, retailers are able to offer consumers the added benefit of rest testing before buying, while still allowing for easy, boxed delivery directly to the customer’s doorstep. Or, for consumers looking for more immediate gratification, the compactly packaged mattress can simply be popped in the trunk of their car. This “take it with you” approach extends the convenience of e-commerce to brick-and-mortar stores, allowing them to better compete with their online-only counterparts.

1. Sealy

PF_SealyA longtime industry veteran, Sealy recently entered into the boxed bed arena with its brand new Cocoon by Sealy. A natural extension of the mattress giant’s assortment, the Cocoon by Sealy features the same quality that consumers have come to expect, but in a compact, easy-ship package. A unique twist on the standard boxed bed offering of “one bed works for all,” Sealy opted to design two distinct feels: Softer—a cozy, more enveloping feel for those who prefer sleeping in the bed, and Firmer—a sturdy, more substantial feel for sleepers who like sleeping on the bed. With the company’s retailer affiliate marketing program, brick-and-mortar stores can boost their online sales opportunities without having to worry about taking on additional inventory.

2. Dorel Home Products

PF_Dorel 2 Offering tremendous value for the price, the elite Black Collection by Dorel Home Products’ Signature Sleep brand combines body-conforming comfort and striking aesthetics with an easy-ship system. Each bed in the tiered, five-model line-up sports a unique, eye-catching black and white outer cover and provides superior weight distribution, adaptive support and pressure relief. Like all Signature Sleep mattresses, the Black Collection beds are shipped compressed, rolled and vacuum-sealed, and are available with an optional, coordinating steel foundation.


3. Symbol

Product Focus_Symbol 1Kicking off 2016 with a striking new brand identity, Symbol also casts its hat into the bed-in-a-box ring, launching its two-bed gen-u-ine collection. Comprised of a nine-inch all-foam model and an 11-inch encased coil model, the gen-u-ine name emphasizes the company’s concept of being a “genuine producer making genuine products.” Thanks to the recent installation of a new roll-pack machine at its Wisconsin facility, Symbol further capitalizes on its vertically integrated and self-reliant manufacturing system by offering its newest collection to retail stores as roll-pack mattresses. This inventory-friendly and easily transported packaging allows consumers to “take with” or have their mattress delivered right to their doorstep.

4. South Bay International

PF_South Bay_webExperts in both the OEM and direct-ship realms, South Bay International created its Blissful Nights brand specifically with the online needs of brick-and-mortar retailers in mind. Combining state of the art technologies and aesthetics with a broad range of price points, the Blissful Nights collection boasts bamboo charcoal memory foam for superior support and pressure relief, air-channel base foam for increased breathability and the patented Wedge-Edge technology the effectively increases the sleeping surface. With expert whiteglove delivery directly to the consumer, South Bay extends convenience and exceptional customer service.



5. Therapedic

PF_TherapedicInitially launched as a conceptual idea at the 2015 Summer Las Vegas Market, Therapedic has now perfected its EcoGel Flex line for full release. Going above and beyond the basic idea of a bed-in-a-box, the EcoGel Flex collection boasts the additional benefit of coming with an adjustable bed base and being delivered via white glove delivery direct to the consumer’s home. This simplified shipping and storing process makes the adjustable category more approachable to a wider audience. While the EcoGel Flex line is Therapedic’s first foray into the boxed bed category, the company has plans to add to its assortment with a new bed-in-a-box concept line being introduced at the Spring High Point show.



6. Diamond Mattress

Product Focus_DiamondA trusted brand for retailers since 1946, Diamond Mattress works hard at evolving in new and creative ways to meet the needs of its customers. Investing in new technology, factory production capability and personnel, the company has brought its expertise in mattress manufacturing into the boxed bed market. From entry-level memory foam models like the Highlight to the foam/latex hybrid Thrive to the 100% Talalay latex Avani, the company has curated multiple Diamond-branded bed-in-box models across a variety of styles and price points that range from $499 to $2,999. These beds are available to retailers nationwide to carry in-store for immediate pick up by the customer, or may be conveniently drop-shipped from Diamond directly to the consumer’s door. With decades of experience in OEM manufacturing and fulfillment services, Diamond can provide retailer-specific boxed bed programs, allowing stores to better cater to their clientele.