In-Store Resources and Tools

Many of today's consumers prioritize convenience and efficiency when making purchasing decisions, often turning to the Internet to research and buy products. As ecommerce brands capitalize on these new consumer behaviors, retailers are more challenged than ever to find creative ways to drive traffic into their brick-and-mortar stores. To address this need, manufacturers have developed new experiential and educational tools that draw foot traffic into retail locations. Whether enhancing or simplifying the shopping process, these in-store resources and tools have become essential to creating a successful retail experience for consumers.

1. iSense Sleep

Using what is called VariCoil and VariFoam technology, iSense Sleep offers a fully comfort-controlled premium mattress line featuring a choice of spring, foam or air support with built-in technology to control individual comfort. The air-assisted technology allows consumers to adjust their comfort level via a mobile app without compromising the distinctive feel of materials like springs or foam. In order to clearly demonstrate the unique and often hard-to-explain qualities of its product, the brand developed a Virtual Reality kit that provides a seven-minute, immersive demonstration illustrating how the mattress program works from the inside out. This resource serves a dual purpose, not only does it educate the consumer and enhance the retail showroom but it also serves as a built-in training tool for the RSA. The VR kit comes included in the retail POP and is most useful when advertised as an exclusive in-store experience.  


2. Protect-a-Bed

Approaching everything they do with the retailer top of mind, Protect-a-Bed offers multiple tools to enhance the in-store experience and support its retail partners. In addition to their eye-catching displays and online education system, the company also offers a consumer-focused, interactive tool called SleepTailorSleepTailor guides customers through a series of questions, records images and data points, then analyzes the given information. The system provides pillow suggestions to help sleepers find their proper alignment and encourage optimal comfort throughout the night. While the tool provides the consumer with concrete and well-researched product suggestions, it also gives the RSA an opening to engage in a meaningful conversation with a customer. In this initial conversation, the RSA has an opportunity to gain a deeper sense for what the customer is looking for. By starting the mattress search with a pillow conversation and including the pillow in the mattress testing process, it also becomes an easier add-on and allows the RSA to seamlessly build a bigger retail basket.  


3. Kingsdown

By providing science-based suggestions using over 1,000 calculations and 18 different statistical measurements, the latest iteration of Kingsdown’s bedMATCH, bedMATCH 3-D Fit, helps eliminate confusion surrounding the mattress purchase decision-making process. During the diagnostic, bedMatch collects data like pain criteria, flexibility of lumbar curve, weight distribution, gender, height and other specifications to generate mattress recommendations meant to meet the individual’s support needs.  Each support level is coded in Kingsdown’s gold, green, blue and red designations. Upon making its determination, the new kiosk lights up in the corresponding color signaling which mattresses the system suggests. Sleeker than the previous bedMATCH pod, the updated version features a high-definition screen positioned above the bed that displays the consumer’s body in 3-D. This streamlined, science-backed fitting technique creates more certainty in the purchasing process and ensures shoppers receive the best quality sleep surface for their specific needs. Retailers who have incorporated bedMATCH into their bedding departments report an average increase of more than $300 for a queen mattress purchase.  



Bedgear in-store displayInspired by BEDGEAR’s personalized pillow fitting model, Pillow ID determines the right pillow for the individual by collecting data. The technical inset is found in BEDGEAR Performance Shops across the country and around the world.  For retail partners, the technology streamlines the sales conversation. RSA’s can begin by using the interactive tool to initiate a fitting process helping shoppers narrow down their choices. Once a customer is paired with the proper pillow options, they can test the two to three recommended pillows and make a faster decision. During peak shopping hours, Pillow ID technology provides a self-service way for consumers to find pillow options best suited to their sleeping preferences and avoid being overwhelmed by BEDGEAR’s wide selection of pillow types. Since Pillow ID is available online, consumers can also begin their BEDGEAR buying journey at, utilizing the Pillow ID technology to find their best pillow options then visiting their local retailer to test the system’s suggestions.


5. Xsensor

XSENSOR in-storeIdeal for aiding mattress retailers initiating consultative sales conversations with shoppers, Reveal by XSensor is a mattress recommendation system that utilizes pressure imaging technology to help pair consumers with the best mattress for their body type. Using this tool at the beginning of the sales process helps customers understand their comfort and support needs and allows the RSA to move the process along by guiding the customer to the category of mattress that will fulfill their needs. The system is interactive, providing the consumer with a pressure map of their body. The visual map helps educate the consumer and enhance the sales conversation. This tool comes in multiple display options, retailers can choose to have the smallest installation option, a simple wall kiosk, a custom branded kiosk or the standard arch kiosk. In addition to these POP options, the website offers support by way of an ROI calculator to help potential partners understand the value of their investment in the pressure mapping technology and the company provides delivery and set-up support, RSA education and on-going customer support.