Ecommerce Programs To Implement Right Away

By Elaina Hundley

As more and more brick-and-mortar retailers look to supplement their in-store business with online options, turn-key ecommerce programs are essential ways manufacturers are supporting their partners. From innovative products, engaging digital marketing collateral, direct shipping and easily-integrated microsites, these bedding brands are making it easy for retailers to get online and seamlessly offer their customers superb products safely and conveniently.


In addition to offering a well-rounded selection of products that can be sold online, including boxed beds, pillows and its PowerCool sleep system, MLILY USA supports its retailers by providing them with a full library of digital marketing assets. Using its MLILY store in Knoxville, Tennessee as a retail lab to help test product design, the company offers a range of ads and other POP materials through its online and in-store assets portal. MLILY helps drive traffic to the stores of its retail partners by maintaining a robust store locator with enhanced search software on its newly redesigned website. The company’s sales and marketing team works closely with new retailers to ensure they have the training, detailed product specifications and any additional digital assets they need to launch the program. No need to manage logistics either, MLILY takes the reigns: once a consumer makes their purchase, MLILY customer service issues a tracking number within 24 hours and the team will ensure that the order is delivered to the customer’s home within two to three days.



Taking a consultative partner approach to ecommerce solutions, Corsicana’s sales representatives actively participate in the planning and implementation process. While the company is not in the business of building websites for retailers, it can recommend digital partners to help retailers establish their own ecommerce platforms—and makes necessary digital assets readily available for use once the site is set up. These assets include lifestyle product images, close-up, detail photos and silhouetted shots. Corsicana also supports its boxed bed programs with brand videos for use on retailer websites and social media. Additionally, the company supplies its partners with a wide selection of other marketing collateral including catalogs, detailed product sheets highlighting hand craftsmanship and its “Made In The U.S.” messaging. From the affordable luxury NightsBridge line to the opening price Sleep Inc. collection, all Corsicana brands come boxed in order to address the increased desire for easy, contactless delivery to the consumer—and the company ships the products directly to each customer’s home for its retail partners.



Vacuum-packed mattress experts since 1987, the Magniflex team boasts a unique know-how in the space. Its newly unveiled GiNO brand is scaffolded by a wide array of POP, merchandising materials like headboards and foot mats, in-store training, video options, floor samples and more to create a ready-to-rollout ecommerce option. For the GiNO in particular, retailers are provided with a full digital advertising campaign, a dedicated e-commerce website and a “spaghetti box” designed carton for store display. Freeing up valuable time and warehouse space for the retailer, Magniflex manages all product fulfillment and shipping to consumers. Magniflex products can be shipped directly to the retailer or consumer from either Italy or the company’s U.S. warehouses for a speedy turnaround. GiNO boasts low inventory requirements for retailers and the program even allows for royalties to be paid to retailers when a product is sold online and delivered within their trading area.



With its SILVER Series adjustable bases, LOGICDATA is delivering a turn-key solution that supports retailers as they navigate and adapt to new buyer patterns. LOGICDATA’s SILVER Series offers two adjustable base options: the SILVERstandard and SILVERlite. Each model touts a modular, ready-to-assemble design that is adjustable to fit any aesthetic style. Shippable via UPS or FedEx Ground, the products can be mailed in one or two easy-to-handle packages to avoid oversize charges. LOGICDATA also provides complimentary product warehousing. A simple, straightforward product, the bases are ready-to-use from the box to assembled frame in 15 minutes or less.

Designed to support retailer’s flexible online strategies by offering a comprehensive digital selling option, LOGICDATA’s ecommerce program also provides product photos and assets featuring unbranded or private label packaging. Ensuring a smooth experience for its retail customers, LOGICDATA has a complete onboarding and integration process, walking each and every client through the essentials to increase attachment rates with digital sales. Finally, the company’s entire supply chain process for its adjustable bases is done in-house—which allows retailers to avoid any disruptions and gives them the ability to provide a superior customer experience to the consumer.


South Bay

Cover_South Bay 2 Adjustable Base

With over a decade of experience within the ecommerce space, South Bay offers its customers custom digital solutions, South Bay helps retailers establish a differentiating story for their online programs—a material focus or branding message that will help them stand out in the increasingly crowded market. Recognizing how crucial it is for product development, marketing and fulfillment to coincide when designing online programs, South Bay can help target a program toward a specific regional audience or consumer segment and takes a consultative approach when supporting the online strategy of its retailer partners. Read more in this issue’s cover story.