Dual Comfort: A Mattress Built For Two

With the advent of new comfort technologies, more people are enjoying the benefits of truly personalized sleep. But despite the technological advancement, many of these offerings don’t take into consideration the substantial differences in sleep needs that may exist between co-sleepers. A 2012 Bedroom Poll released by the National Sleep Foundation reported that 70% of Americans sleep with a significant other—a sizeable portion of the sleeping population who are often confronted with the necessity of compromising on individual comfort for the sake of sleeping in the same space. However, some forward-thinking manufacturers have recognized the plight of bed sharers and are upping their games to offer customization to couples. Dual comfort mattresses address the specific requirements of each sleeper, allowing for each side of the bed to independently provide individualized support, while still remaining packaged as a single mattress. From reconfigurable designs to hi-tech adjustability to completely bespoke creations, these manufacturers are re-imagining what it means to share a bed.

1. OMI

OMI DuoOffering two luxury sleep solutions for couples, Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) has combined its premium organic materials with a completely configurable design in both its Duo and OrganicPedic 81 models. The 10-inch Duo contains three layers of GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex individually encased in GOTS-certified organic cotton sleeves, all labeled with their different firmnesses allowing for each side of the bed to be independently customized. For the ultimate personalized, organic sleeping experience, couples may choose the OrganicPedic 81. Like the Duo, the 81 utilizes GOLS-certified organic natural rubber latex and GOTS-certified organic cotton. However, the 14-inch 81 delivers even more customization with its 18 interchangeable components, providing an extremely tailored sleep surface. Both the Duo and the OrganicPedic 81 incorporate a sculpted top layer for supreme pressure point relief and improved air circulation.

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2. Eclipse International

Eclipse Couples ChoiceAt last summer’s Las Vegas Market, Eclipse International rolled out its new Conformatic Couples Choice mattress. Incorporating the company’s patented Zone Quilt Technology for maximum pressure relief and its patented Spinal Zone System for optimal back support, the Couples Choice adds the advantage of split comfort options, allowing each partner to get the support they need and the rest they deserve. As with all of Eclipse International’s beds, the Couples Choice is also backed by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations’ “Seal of Approval,” underscoring the mattress’s back-healthy features.

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3 Reverie

ReverieReverie has built its business around the benefits of customized sleep, thanks to the company’s patented DreamCell foam springs. Available in four densities ranging from extra soft to firm, the DreamCells provide targeted support for better spinal alignment. Reverie works with each customer, consulting on body size, sleeping position and health concerns in order to come up with the optimal configuration of foam springs. This is ideal for couples because Reverie can tailor each side of the bed to those specific needs. Once the ideal arrangement is agreed upon, customers can then choose to top their mattress with either Reverie’s classic all-natural Talalay latex or the company’s new hybrid comfort layer that fuses body-contouring memory foam with breathable latex. Best of all, because the DreamCells are easily reconfigured, customers can rearrange them at any time to accommodate changes in sleeping preferences.

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4 Boyd Specialty Sleep

Boyd izoneBoyd Specialty Sleep’s four-model hybrid iZone collection combines air, water and memory foam to create a truly customized sleeping experience. Customers first take a simple online quiz that will calculate the correct settings for the seven oval channels—or calibrators—located in each side of the mattress. Each of these calibrators are then filled with tap water to the specified settings which results in contouring support from head to toe. Either side of the bed can be changed at any time to accommodate weight fluctuations, medical issues or changing sleep preferences. The calibrators are housed in a thick layer of buoyant, antimicrobial, open-cell foam that features a T-vent over each calibrator. In addition to creating a ‘bellow’ effect that circulates air and releases excess heat, these vents allow the foam to better contour to body movement.

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5. Naturepedic

Naturepedic SymphonyNaturepedic offers two premium organic collections for couples that require specific, unique support. The company’s three-model EOS sleep system marries practicality with organic comfort offering consumers the choice of extra-firm all the way to plush. The multi-layered, zippered construction enables easy personalization of each side of the bed as well as the ability to swap out layers in the future. Taking all of the versatility of the EOS collection and adding timeless, heirloom components, Naturepedic’s Luxury Series fuses customization with hand-made quality. Using premium natural and organic materials, each of the Luxury Series’ three-tiered models is divided into support and comfort layers, with a heavy-duty brass zipper providing access to the comfort layer for easy updating and future adjustability. Exquisitely crafted for the most discerning sleeper, the Luxury Series truly embodies the essence of sumptuous, customized sleep.

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6. Thomashilfen

ThomashilfenWith a history in the healthcare industry, Thomashilfen knows the importance of dual comfort and personalized sleep. The company’s German-engineered, patented technologies use the sleepers’ weight to truly personalize the comfort of each Thevo Bed. Either side of the European Split Queen or Split King sizes can be customized depending on the firmness preference and weight range of the sleeper. Every component of the mattress is altered to fit each sleeper’s needs: Swiss foam is precision cut for the specified weight range; carbon framing is matched to the necessary supportive density; and the fiberglass wing-spring system is situated to assure perfect balance and weight distribution. Clinically proven to reduce pain and stiffness, as well as improve blood flow, circulation, mobility, and body perception, Thomashilfen’s Thevo beds provide restorative sleep for each sleeping partner.

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7. Spaldin

Spaldin BespokeUsing extensive data from physical sleep experts at the Institute Proschlaf in Austria, Spaldin’s new customizable S Bespoke mattress solves the perplexing problem of making a single bed fit two different sleepers. Engineered with a multi-zoned, dual support profile, the S Bespoke uses innovative support inserts to allow consumers to tailor each side to meet his or her personal sleep needs. Of particular benefit to brick-and-mortar retailers is Spaldin’s “mattress simulator”—advanced technology that scans the customer’s body to find the right support profile and then contours itself to that profile for an accurate simulation of the customized mattress. Aside from the many merits of a reconfigurable mattress, Spladin also worked hard to make the S Bespoke affordable. Despite its adaptive technology, the S Bespoke retails the same as a conventional mattress, effectively making personalized sleep available to all.

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7. Hypnos

HypnosMade for over a century in Britain by the Keen family and now available in the US via Virgina-based Paramount Sleep, Hypnos sets the bar high for luxury bedding. The brand holds the prestigious Royal Warrant for HM Queen Elizabeth II and is the only luxury bed maker to actively supply the Royal family. Truly understanding the importance of good sleep, Hypnos developed its zip and link service, allowing couples to choose two independent mattresses that meet each sleep partner’s comfort needs. The mattresses are then discreetly connected via an unobtrusive chrome link bar and then zipped together to become a single mattress. The zip and link service also affords consumers the ability to convey larger-sized beds through narrow access channels by separating the bed into two sections for transportation. With an impeccable attention to detail and the use of the finest natural materials, Hypnos delivers an unparalleled sleeping experience for couples.

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