Bed Bases: The Foundation of Quality Sleep

As the health benefits of good sleep become more publicized, consumers are increasingly more discerning about the mattresses they select. But just as essential as the mattress is, so too is what goes beneath it. Beyond simply holding up a mattress, bed bases now come in a multitude of variations with differing degrees of features and benefits. As customers become more knowledgeable about their mattresses, retailers can increase ticket sales by educating them about what’s under the bed—and how the different options can affect the full sleep system. Whether a simple, sturdy foundation or a high-tech adjustable, the right marriage between mattress and bed base can make a world of difference when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

1. Mantua

Product Focus Mantua Rize CrestaA longtime leader in mattress support solutions, Mantua embodies durable quality and innovative technology. With a broad range of choices that run from entry level to luxury, the company’s Rize collection offers an adjustable base to meet the need of every budget and buyer. The newest addition to the line-up is the Rize Cresta, which blends style, support and personalization. Unlike other adjustables, the Cresta’s head section is separated from the body— allowing for full customization for advanced comfort and pain relief. With exclusive lounge and anti-snore positions, dual-zone massage, A/C outlets and handy under-bed light, the Cresta offers the features customers want at prices they’re comfortable with.

2. Customatic Adjustable Bedz

Product Focus Customatic Adjustable Bedz FairmontProviding retailers an opportunity to offer a fully adjustable base at an entry-level price point, Customatic Adjustable Bedz’s Fairmont base—part of the company’s value-packed Econoline Collection—starts at $599 in queen and sports a chic deck-on-deck design that is more often found on luxury models. The Fairmont includes an easy-to-use wireless remote that operates high performance lift motors to provide smooth head and leg adjustability. Combined with the Customatic’s stellar customer service, the Fairmont’s stylish good looks, sturdy quality and feature-packed enhancements make it a competitive solution in the adjustable market.



3. Boyd Specialty Sleep

Product Focus Boyd Specialty Sleep Easy AdjustBoyd Specialty Sleep has long focused on unique bed bases and continues to unveil new designs every year. The company’s decorative metal and upholstered platform bases typically retail from $199 to $599 in queen, many of which are folding designs that can ship via UPS in a single box, assembling at home without tools. With that same focus on easy shipping, easy assembly and value pricing, Boyd also offers an entry-level manually adjustable base. The Easy Adjust platform base features newly-patented technology that allows for 15 different settings and is geared towards those who are seeking the benefits of adjustable sleep at a reasonable price. By combining style, convenient shipping, easy assembly and affordability, Boyd Specialty Sleep’s bed bases are ideal for retailers looking to connect with millennial and Gen X consumers.

4. Fashion Bed Group

Product Focus Fashion Bed Group Atlas Storage SystemFashion Bed Group’s wide assortment of bases are designed to support the mattress while also satisfying a growing demand for space-saving style and convenient assembly. The Atlas Support and Storage system combines a sturdy steel platform base with 14 inches of clearance beneath for ample storage. The metal support bars and heavy duty cross cables support up to 1,200 pounds and eliminate the need for a box spring. Updated for the Summer Las Vegas Market, the Atlas now has an MDF deck, providing a solid surface that covers all current mattress manufacturers’ warranties. Weighing in at just 35 pounds, the affordably priced Solutions bed frame offers the same solid support as a traditional frame, but in a lighter, more compact package. Designed to fold for transport, the Solutions frame easily adjusts to support the full range of mattress sizes without the need for tools. Similarly designed, the groundbreaking SN@P beds literally “snap” together for quick and easy assembly, each bed completely packing neatly in one box for convenient delivery.

5.  Reverie

Product Focus Reverie ProGripA dedicated provider of personalized comfort and support, Reverie offers a comprehensive power adjustable base line-up. The company’s top of the line 9T sports a variety of wellness-promoting positions like Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore, handy under-bed lighting, wireless remote with stand featuring USB port and two AC outlets and adjustable legs for personalized height, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to operate the base via smartphone or tablet. Reverie’s innovative sleep tech continues with the launch of its new bar-less retainer system. The company’s new ProGrip feature is made of a proprietary material that “grips” the mattress to prevent it from shifting while ensuring proper lumbar support, all without the institutional look of traditional metal brackets.

6. Glideaway

Glideaway Ascend Comfort BaseWith a comprehensive line-up that includes a full range of adjustables and durable steel bases, Glideaway offers numerous options at every price point. The company recently introduced the Ascend Comfort Base to its adjustable Comfort Base Lifestyle Collection—offering a full range of features at a more affordable price. The upscale deck-on-deck base includes the patented Elevate Lift feature, allowing the entire base to rise to an angle of 12-degrees, while the Sleep Enhancement Technology utilizes Total Body Vibration to assist with increased circulation, muscle strength and flexibility as well as faster muscle recovery.

7. Forever Foundations

Product Focus Forever Foundations Store More BLACKForever Foundations is re-inventing the mattress foundation with of its new Store More BLACK foundation. The rugged steel three-in-one-product offers foundation, frame and platform support in one durable design, along with the added benefit of easy-access storage right under the bed in the form of the optional, steel-mesh Forever BedDrawer. Forever Foundations provides added value to retailers as well with numerous accessories that can be purchased separately, including the BedPower power strip and under-bed LED bedlight 2X. These add-ons can help retailers secure higher attachment rates as consumers upgrade their Forever Foundation base.