PODCAST | PureCare on Consumer Marketing

We’re continuing our series on consumer marketing this week with PureCare!

Sarah Bergman, chief marketing officer and SVP of product development, joined us to share her thoughts on how the marketing landscape has evolved in the specialty bedding category over the past year and a half. We chatted about the increased demand from consumers for transparency, why “wellness” as a buzzword can be a double-edged sword and how digital technologies are delivering valuable insights for both the in-store and online retail experience.

“For years and years, we've offered printed tear sheets for our products in the retail environment. This year, thanks to COVID I guess, everybody got really used to using QR codes again. And so we converted all of what used to be just pages and pages of POP items for the retail store into very small concise informational pieces that now include a QR code. Of course, all of our information is digital for that customer—but now, just like on a normal website, even though they're shopping in the retail experience, we are able to see how many scans per QR code is a certain store getting and what product is scanned the most often in that store location. It's really powerful information. And I think that's what every retailer today must be focused on: how do we get statistics and hard information about what our customers are interested in?”

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