PODCAST | Nationwide Marketing Group on Consumer Marketing

We’re continuing our series on consumer marketing with Nationwide Marketing Group!

Our guest this week is Amanda Evans, VP of Shopper Marketing for Nationwide Marketing Group. She joined us to discuss some practical and creative ways retailers can engage with today's consumers. We chatted about the latest trends in consumer search terms, how different stages of the buying journey require different marketing needs, and the value of setting customer expectations across different platforms.

"What we've really found is that implementing inventory feeds has been really critical. That's helped businesses sell and meet those customer expectations. If they know you've got three of that particular product, it may be more expensive than what they intended to purchase—but when they see you have none of the one they really wanted, they're going to step up and purchase the other product. If it's not a cost decision, it's saving time, better night's sleep, whatever it might be, then they're gonna do that."

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