PODCAST | Malouf Home on Consumer Marketing

The past two years have been quite the rollercoaster. In this new series, we’re exploring how consumer marketing has changed and evolved over the course of the pandemic. What are consumers looking for now? And how can retailers meet those needs to grow their sales?

First up is Malouf Home! We caught up with Scott Carr, marketing director, and Ashlee Willes, brand manager, to talk about how they’re helping retailers meet the consumer where they are and how they want to shop. We discuss picking the right type of content for different products and platforms, understanding the impact of social commerce—and what it means to use their business as a force for good in the world.

"Shoppers want to buy however, whenever, wherever they’re in the market. That could be in-store, that could be online, that could be buy it online pick it up in-store. There’s a lot of shoppers taking the authority of their purchase decisions and saying, ‘Hey, I’m going to go work with whatever retailer is ready to sell me where I want to shop, rather than the old way of doing business where I just go to whoever is selling the product on their terms. Now it’s on my terms.’”

—Scott Carr, Malouf Home marketing director

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