Mark Hobson | Podcast

In the latest episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast, we're joined by Mark Hobson, a long-time sleep industry consultant currently working with the UK-based Silentnight brand. In this broad discussion, we explore the impact of supply chain disruptions and price increases, what it has been like trying to introduce a new brand to the US market during a pandemic and how ecommerce is affecting average unit selling price.

“We’ve always known that consumers are wary of shopping for mattresses, for any product, in fact, that they don’t really understand. All business is based off of trust, whether it’s trust in the store, trust in the brand, trust with the retail sales person, trust in the experience. They will trust themselves when they get to actually lay on a product and they will step themselves up as much as sales people will help guide them through the line. So if [retailers] don’t have as large a proportion of consumers actually shopping and test-resting beds, it’s not surprising that there’s pressure on average unit selling prices. Not for everyone, not for every retailer—but that is a general trend that we’ve got to be aware of over here. And retailers and manufacturers need to address that as things get back to normal.”

Pointing to both the unique opportunities and distinct challenges of the moment, Hobson offers key insights on what retailers need to keep in mind as they reimagine their product mixes and merchandising strategies for a post-pandemic world.

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