Looking Ahead To 2021 With Pleasant Mattress | Podcast

With 2020 soon coming to a close, we’ve shifted our sights to the year ahead! In this new podcast series, we’re asking: what does the future hold for the bedding industry in 2021?

Rion Morgenstern, the CEO of Pleasant Mattress, joins us to chat about how the pandemic has impacted his company’s operations. We discuss the importance of flattening the communication structure from corporate to retailers, how new consumer behavior has reshaped its upcoming product launches—and why navigating the supply chain is sort of like driving a car with “oblong wheels” right now.

"We still are sending out monthly communications that I’m sending out directly from me - and they’re not sales-y, they’re more about what’s going on in the company. And I think that communication is going to go on for quite a while. We all have a little bit of PTSD with the rapid changes…And I think from our standpoint and our retailers standpoint, keeping that line of communication open throughout 2021 at the very least is going to be key to making sure they have confidence in us continuing to operate effectively."

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