Looking Ahead To 2021 With ES Kluft | Podcast

With 2020 soon coming to a close, we’ve shifted our sights to the year ahead! In this new podcast series, we’re asking: what does the future hold for the bedding industry in 2021?

Magali Castillo, VP of Marketing for ES Kluft, joined us for this episode to tell us a little bit about how the pandemic has impacted her company’s marketing plan heading into 2021. She gave us a look into a few of the new initiatives the brand will be unveiling in the year ahead, including more investment in consumer research, growing its digital presence and developing new ways of engaging with both consumers and retailers. We also discuss how the pandemic has shifted consumer values when it comes to both health and sustainability.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of consumers and businesses alike - and as marketers, we’ve been challenged to re-strategize our marketing plans this year and for the year to come…We are really excited for what we are planning because we believe it’s important for us to have the proper content, the proper messaging and the proper tone for our brands. We really want to engage with consumers while they are at home to stay top of mind and ultimately to drive traffic to our retailer stores."

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