Looking Ahead To 2021 With Englander

With 2020 soon coming to a close, we’ve shifted our sights to the year ahead! In this new podcast series, we’re asking: what does the future hold for the bedding industry in 2021? To kick off this new series, we called up another podcast aficionado: Mark Kinsley, CEO of Englander! We discuss the opportunities for supply-side innovation, why in-person markets aren’t going anywhere for good and how retailers can think strategically about the ever-evolving retail landscape.

"We’ve had a massive pattern interrupt. And when you have a pattern interrupt, you have this little seam and in those seams, those gaps, those troughs—it’s a transition. And in the transitions, we have opportunity. And so it’s really important I think to pause on: this pattern interrupt has taken the innovation pipeline and completely chopped it in half for a moment. It’s only then, because with larger companies, what typically happens is you have, for example, right of first refusal. So if you come out with something innovative, you have larger accounts or customers that have a contract and you bring that technology or innovation to them and if they don’t adopt it then you can take it to the rest of the marketplace. Well, that entire process - I mean, we’re in triage mode still. And so it is a chance to rethink how you bring technology to market, completely upend your supply chain and rethink that approach as well."

Mark also gave us a look into what he’s been up to during the pandemic, namely: writing a book with his business partner Mark Quinn! Offering up a variety of principles, strategies and real-life examples, “Come Back To Bed” is a guide for retailers looking to rebuild from this year, boost foot traffic and set themselves up for continued success. Head over to DosMarcos.co to learn more!

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