Furniture Today | Podcast

In the latest episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast, we caught up with Sheila Long-O’Mara, executive editor at Furniture Today, to discuss the role of trade media in today’s bedding industry landscape - at a time when market cycles are out of whack and companies are reevaluating their product introduction strategies. She also shares her insights on today’s biggest mattress and sleep trends and how the market may continue to shift post-pandemic.

"Because [retailers] aren’t having those network functions at market face-to-face, they’re figuring out how to communicate. And I think we as publications play a key role in that, through our online presence or in print as well as our social media and LinkedIn pages, to help convey that you are not alone. There’s a network of people who are dealing with much of the same issues that you are dealing with. Bounce ideas around, brainstorm, figure out a solution; it’s always easier to do those things when you know you’re not hanging out there all by yourself."

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