Episode 34: Designing High-Performing Retail Environments

Jennifer Magee, owner and creative director of Retail In The City, joins us to discuss the evolution of the in-store retail environment. Magee shares her unique insights on what today’s consumers are really looking for from brick-and-mortar stores—and how retailers can design their showrooms to ensure that their customers feels safe, comfortable and engaged. From appointment-based shopping options to strategic product organization and even separate entrances, our conversation offers a host of actionable tips for bedding and furniture retailers looking to increase the performance of their stores.

"I think that we just have to remember that it comes back to people. People do make the shopping experience, both the customers and the sales associates. I design store environments, which are physical things, but I am very aware that the people’s experience on both sides is what makes or breaks a shopping experience. It’s absolutely important to have the best physical environment you can. That helps sales associates so much, when they have a physical environment that looks good, that feels comfortable, that customers relate to because it kind of feels like home, it puts them at ease. It makes the sales associates job so much easier, and the customer feel so much more motivated to stay longer at the store - and the longer they stay, typically, the more they buy."

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