Episode 33: Understanding Current Supply Chain Disruptions

Brent Limer, Chief Sales Officer for Latexco, joins us on this episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast to discuss the recent supply chain issues that are affecting the bedding and mattress industry. In this conversation, Limer dives deeper into the “perfect storm” of factors impacting the global supply chain today: from the initial uncertainty of the pandemic and the sharing of raw materials with PPE makers, to new shortages in the chemical industry and soaring freight costs—all at a time when consumer demand has skyrocketed. In doing so, he paints us a clear picture of what has happened over the past seven months and looks ahead to where the industry is heading.

"Coming out of the quarantine, all of a sudden it was like someone turned on a faucet. I’ve been in the industry now for 20 years, and this is the busiest that I have seen it in my 20 years in the industry. And it came all at once. When you have the raw materials inventories low already, when you get a spike there’s no way as a manufacturer that you can handle it…It’s just a complete perfect storm that I believe was started at the beginning of the pandemic and is just continuing to linger. And I fully expect it to linger at least through quarter four but hopefully will have some relief in quarter one."

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