“My Jamison Bed” App Helps Consumers Select a Mattress

  Just in time for the spring High Point Market, Jamison launches an iPhone and Droid app allowing users to select the Jamison bed that best meets their sleep needs.   Created for consumers, the new “My Jamison Bed” app guides users through a Q&A series on sleep issues...
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What Retailers Should Know about Latex Rubber Used in Mattresses

A leading supplier reports that mattress companies have been selling latex rubber mattresses since the 1920’s. Adding that, “these mattresses were more expensive than innersprings, but lasted considerably longer therefore giving them a better ‘cost per year’ value. Today’s manufacturing processes have allowed suppliers and manufacturers alike to offer new specialty choices. Latex rubber cores...
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Latex International Leads the Latex Mattress Category

It’s no secret that one of the fastest growing segments of the bedding industry is the all-latex mattress category. Until recently, latex has been used in mattresses mainly as a comfort layer inside an innerspring mattress or combined with a polyurethane support core...
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