Sleep Trackers Are Actually Causing Insomnia 

Why Sleep Tech Needs To Be Actionable

Sleep is important to your overall health; we all know it to be true. And, in turn, we also know how dangerous it is to not get enough of it. These days, the Internet is chock full of articles about these risks: how lack...

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How To Help Your Customers Protect Their Homes From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are, for lack of a better word, the worst. Take it from someone who is currently in the midst of trying to rid their apartment of the tiny pests. In addition to the inherent ick-factor, bed bugs pose a uniquely frustrating problem because the process of exterminating them is both time-consuming...

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How Customer Data Is Impacting Retailers Today

And what tools should you be using?

With the proliferation of digital-first, direct-to-consumer brands, we are also seeing a wider range of more creative and high-tech marketing approaches—and as a result, a greater increase in marketing spends. While digital-first, DTC marketing, data collection and product development are sometimes considered to be...

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