ZZZest Introduces All-Gel Cores

zzzest ZZZest is introducing a new mattress technology in its new ComfortZone, Powered by GelSpring mattresses at the upcoming Spring High Point Market. Every GelSpring mattress will feature a support core made of high grade medical gel.

Hollow-column buckling gel has been used in both the core and comfort layer of critical-care medical mattresses since 1998. It has been used for the prevention and healing of bed sores and has provided the superior pressure relief needed in acute medical care. A first in the industry, ZZZest is making the technology available in king and queen-sized mattresses.

“ZZZest has heavily invested in the equipment to make large single-piece GelSpring cores,” said Tony Pearce, president of ZZZest. “This is not gel bits sprinkled into foam. This is 100% gel in a special design that redistributes pressure for superior comfort, and aligns the spine for great back support. A queen mattress has 40 pounds of high-strength gel.”

The GelSpring replaces the core of a mattress, while layers of latex, memory foam, or deluxe foam are bonded on top, to provide both soft and firm feels simultaneously. This new design expands the company’s gel offerings: each new GelSpring mattress is topped with the company’s new Qool gel in the top layer of foam. ZZZest’s Tribrid line, introduced last year, is topped with the company’s Breathe gel.

Retail prices of the new GelSpring mattresses range from $999 to $1,999.

ZZZest will be offering three new Gallery Programs in High Point Market, which will include floor sample discounts and full array of POP for each gallery.

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