ZedBed Launches G+ Sleep Solution

The Canadian-based specialty mattress producer Zedbed introduced “G+ sleep solution” at the Toronto Furniture Market. 

The new G+ system comes with customizable comfort cooling zones placed where the body needs more warmth or more coolness. Sleepers customize their sleep environment by inserting or removing the company’s gel from pockets on the mattress surface. By adding or removing the number of G+ pads used on their mattress, sleepers are able to control the surface temperature of their mattress.

David Gelinas, Zedbed’s marketing VP said, “Today, there are various technologies designed to regulate body temperature and prevent the discomfort of overheating that is sometimes associated with sleeping on memory foam. With G+, users can increase or decrease the coolness of their mattress, thus controlling their sleep space without disturbing their sleep partner.” Zedbed designed the gel pads to fit in special pockets on the mattress. The pocket design ensures that air circulates whether or not sleeper has gel pads installed. The Gel+ system is perfectly compatible with memory foam infused with gel.

Visit www.zedbed.com.