What Does Affordable Luxury Really Mean?

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In today’s market flooded with convenient boxed-bed options at startlingly low price-points, there is no doubt that consumer expectations have changed. For many retailers, it can be hard to meet these new needs: to deliver an opulent sleep experience at the price customers are seeking to pay. To meet this demand, manufacturers have developed a swath of new “affordable luxury” programs that tout high-end designs, features and technologies at accessible costs. But what specifically does that mean? If something is affordable, how can it possibly be considered a “luxury”? And, what are the advantages of flooring a mattress from this burgeoning category?

While there is no one right way to make an affordable luxury bed, most often they come in the form of an entry-level mattress with specific high-end details like pocketed coils or premium cover fabrics. On the surface that might sound simple but, when done well, an affordable or attainably luxurious product can offer your store and your customers striking aesthetics and terrific value. Here are just a few of the many benefits of selling affordable luxury programs:

They help introduce new (often younger) customers to higher-end features

For customers buying a first or second mattress for themselves, they might not really know what they are getting into. Shopping for a new bed is notoriously confusing, especially when you’re trying to stay within a tight budget. An affordable luxury mattress may be their first introduction to certain kinds of coils and foams, and offer them a quick education about the value of step-up features. If they are between a very basic entry-level bed for $999 and an affordable luxury bed between $1,200-1,900, the benefits of a cooling cover or more luxurious finish will likely feel worth the $200-$900 increase. A choice like this one can help a young buyer understand their preferences better—maybe even leading them into a higher price category for their next purchase.

The luxury styling is a visual differentiator for consumers with lower budgets

While most consumers understand that they will be putting a fitted sheet on their bed, the visual impact of a mattress on the showroom floor is still crucial. As such, a colorful or more premium looking rectangle will definitely trump the simple, entry-level white one. Whether it be profile height, edge support, a thoughtful design or premium fabric on the top of the bed, these details and others can definitely step a customer up a couple hundred dollars—especially if these luxurious value adds don’t take them too far from their original budget. Don’t underestimate the power of simple aesthetic upgrades. If it looks expensive, a mattress will be perceived to be worth more.

Affordable luxury line-ups often allow for higher margins

Because affordable luxury beds tend to offer quality while still being relatively inexpensive to make and often use aesthetic details to appear much more costly than they are, they offer retailers a little more flexibility in pricing. As a result, they can allow for much greater margins. While an affordable luxury bed should likely not be sold at a straight-up luxury price-point, there might be room to price them at a mid-level tier rather than a just-above-entry-level price-tag.

One company in particular that has developed a thoughtful and compelling affordable luxury line-up is Corsicana. For the first time in its history, the company has unveiled mattresses priced to retail between $1,299 and $1,999. Part of its top-tier NightsBridge brand introduced in the latter half of 2019, the newest piece to the collection debuted at the winter Las Vegas Market.

“NightsBridge has provided our retail partners with a luxurious sleep solution that doesn’t alienate consumers with an unattainable retail price,” said Michael Thompson, chief executive officer of Corsicana Mattress. He went on to explain, “Our compelling value proposition is quite simple; offer retailers exceptional margins while providing consumers a more fully featured, luxurious sleep solution at retail price points that are approximately half of competing brands.”

The two-model collection features an all-foam design and a hybrid model– both with European styling. With 12-inch profiles, each mattress features a stain-resistant zipper and stretch cover with cool-to-the-touch properties that provide maximum comfort and temperature regulation. The mattresses include multiple layers of foam that work in tandem to offer pressure-relieving support and provide enhanced motion stability. The hybrid option incorporates individually wrapped coils.

“Everything about these beds screams ‘luxury’,” said Mike Loomis, vice president of product development and innovation of Corsicana Mattress. “For this brand expansion, our design team was able to incorporate premium comfort components and technologies that are really never seen on beds at these price points. We are now very competitive at the $1,299 to $1,999 retail price point, which also gives our dealers a lot or flexibility with regard to margins.”

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