Vogue Bedding Joins Eclipse International and Eastman House

North Brunswick, NJ – Eclipse International and Eastman House signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Canadian bedding manufacturer, Vogue Bedding. Vogue Bedding will serve the territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Vogue Bedding has produced private label mattresses since its opening in 1999. Headed by Vikram Flora and Dal Flora, company president and vice president respectively, Vogue’s distribution was primarily in Western Canada and Ontario. As the company sought to expand bridging distribution in the eastern and western parts of the country, Vice President Dal Flora explained that they needed an international brand to meet their goals. Seeking greater market share and additional growth, Mr. Flora reported, “We have always wanted to manufacture a brand name that is well known and knew that Eclipse and Eastman House are the best.”

Eastman House, originally the flagship line of the Chittenden and Eastman Company, was founded in 1866. Over the past 145 years, the company developed a reputation of producing quality mattresses with unrivaled comfort, support and durability. In late 2007, Mattress Development Company (the parent company of Eclipse International) purchased Eastman House and began licensing the ultra premium brand to mattress manufacturers around the world.

For more information visti www.EclipseBedding.com.

About Eclipse International: Eclipse is a bedding manufacturing cooperative, using manufacturing and marketing expertise to develop scientifically advanced bedding systems. Eclipse crafted the clinically proven and patented Spinal Zone, Spinal Zone 2, Lumbar Zone, Allergy Free, LifEdge perimeter support systems and Zoned Quilt Technology. In May 2000, Mattress Development Company, acquired Eclipse and all intellectual properties and began licensing it around the world. The mission of Eclipse is to provide ongoing research, product development, patented design and marketing innovation to develop unparalleled sleep products for healthy sleep. Mattress Development Company is owned by Stuart Carlitz.