Value Price Points and High Margins with Spring Time

Spring Time Bedding is introducing its new three-model, high-end Tufted Hybrid collection to its Medicci & Saville brand at the Summer Las Vegas Market. The collection features top quality materials at value price points, offering its retail partners the potential for high sales margins.

All three models in the Tufted Hybrid line incorporate a hand tufted design that anchors the top quilt panel to the bottom of the mattress to keep all components solidly in place, prolonging the life of the bed and improving full body support. A tufted pocket coil support system reduces motion transfer and improves comfort, with heavier gauge coils at each end of the sleep surface to prevent a roll-off sensation. The top model in the collection, the 16-inch box top Lavarie, includes over 2,000 coils, a 100 percent natural wool layer and a layer of charcoal-infused bamboo. The Arkala mattress features over 1,100 coils and a layer of cooling gel atop convoluted foam, while the Halivaara mattress features over 1,000 coils and includes a layer of hybrid latex atop convoluted foam. Each of the tufted SKUs in the collection is specially designed for easy roll compression and nationwide shipping and features a moisture-wicking stretch knit blended cover and a heavy-weight, wrinkle-free border.

“Hybrids are what the industry is looking for right now—it’s become a buzzword for retailers and consumers alike. What hasn’t been seen yet in the industry is a line of hybrid models that looks incredibly high end and incorporates the best materials available today while keeping price points at a value level,” said Spring Time Vice President Sarah Appleton. “Not only does the Tufted Hybrid collection fall into all of those categories, but it also creates an incredible potential for our retailers to pull in high margins. That is an important differentiator in today’s market. This collection offers consumers quality and style at the prices they want and offers our retailers the high margin sales potential they need.”

The Tufted Hybrid collection will retail from $1,499 to $1,999 in Queen.