Thomashilfen Showcases 60 Years of Advanced German Engineering

A third-generation family business, Thomashilfen has a long history of bedding innovation that dates back to the 1950’s. The company originated in Bremervörde, Germany, as founder Karl Thomas sought to find an effective solution for his wife, whose Lateral Muscular Sclerosis made sleep very painful. Through dedicated research and trials, Thomas developed an innovative design that allowed his wife to return to a comfortable and pain-free life.

Thomas and his son soon built a consultation center for individuals who needed specialized sleep help for their disabilities before expanding their business to begin producing equipment for those in need. Then in 1956, Thomashilfen unveiled the Slat Bed frame—a pioneering design that continues to influence sleep-engineering trends throughout the Western market.

Fast forward 60 years and Thomashilfen is still owned and operated by the Thomas family. With Gunnar Thomas as CEO, the company remains true to the family mission and goals. Today, the company is globally recognized throughout multiple markets for its innovative German engineering. Decades of sleep studies and significant developments in technology have shaped the design and engineering of the Thevo Bed, the company’s most innovative system to date.

The patented Thevo Bed sleep system is the only design that combines the framework and mattress into one system. The difference is in the suspension framework, a unique technology that integrates MiS Micro-Stimulation (MiS): a responsive system that reacts to live movement with counter movements. By stimulating the body, this advanced system improves well-being and quality of sleep, advances recovery and blood flow, and achieves perfect spinal alignment regardless of sleep positioning and habits.

Thomashilfen MiS Technology Thevo BedThe MiS technology was designed to work in sync with Thomashilfen’s custom-made Swiss foam. The unique blend is tailored with detailed cuts and multi-zone densities to offer continuous airflow and to provide support in areas where it is essential to balance body weight. The system works with the body, mirroring and adjusting the positioning of the spine, joints and muscles to achieve full-body balance.

Further enhancing its comfort benefits, the Thevo Bed features a removable, washable cover that is made from a high-tech durable latex-free blend. The non-toxic fire-guard layer is made from the same material worn by NASCAR drivers, allowing Thomashilfen to provide a soft, safe and breathable night sleep without the integration of harsh chemicals.