Thomashilfen North America Officially Launches New Thevo Therapy Mattress

Thomashilfen North America is formally introducing the new German-engineered Thevo Therapy Mattress to mattress and bedding retailers at the summer Las Vegas Market. A German-based company with 60 years of expertise in the medical market segment of the sleep industry, Thomashilfen has distribution in over 42 countries and holds 180 worldwide patents. Following an introductory concept test market at the winter Las Vegas Market to gauge retailer reaction, Thomashilfen North America designed, tested and perfected the Thevo Therapy Mattress specifically for the bedding retail marketplace.

“We took the comments and input from mattress retailers we have received over the past year and adapted our various medical and therapeutic features and benefits developed over decades for medical markets to create a retailer/consumer Thevo Therapy Mattress,” says Darlene Hawthorne, President of Thomashilfen North America. “The result is we have now created a uniquely designed bed that combines comfort, support and cooling features backed by a ten year warranty.”

Two models of the new Thevo Therapy Mattress will be showcased at market: a softer and a firmer version of the mattress specifically designed for the North American market. The new Thevo Therapy will feature an interlocking foam system with open-cell Swiss foam with air vents; a carbon fiber support frame; pressure-adjusting support paddles and a washable cover.

The bed’s unique interlocking foam system features a vented, open-cell Swiss foam to allow for airflow to remove excess heat, providing consumers with climate control while maintaining the perfect temperature for sleep. The pressure adjusting paddles adapt to the sleeper’s body contours to provide perfect support, helping to alleviate pain. The interlocking foam offers additional contour support, maintaining perfect alignment. A carbon fiber support framing allows the Thevo Therapy to fit most bed frames, foundations and surfaces for flexibility and comfort. Finally, the breathable cover fabric wicks away moisture and is machine washable cover so that dust mites, bacteria and other allergens can be washed away.

“Our goal has been to take our decades of knowledge about medical mattresses and to create a line of consumer mattresses that will change the lives of our retailers’ customers for the better,” Hawthorne continues. “We want to give retailers a bed with a powerful sales story to place on their showroom floor, we have designed this Bed of the Future to truly change lives through better sleep.”

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