Therapedic Touts b-calm And Helping Hand Programs

Following its introduction at the winter Las Vegas Market, Therapedic is promoting its b-calm collection again this summer. The company is complimenting this relaxing lineup
with a new comprehensive retail support solution for all of its retail partners. Both programs offer clear differentiation for retailers looking to drive traffic through their doors again.

Therapedic’s three-model, CBD-infused product line named “b-calm” generated significant buzz at the last Las Vegas Market. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is an oil derived from the flower of the hemp plant, one of the variations of the cannabis plant. But unlike its potent cousin delta-9 tetrahyrdocannabinol or THC (the major active ingredient in marijuana), CBD is not psychoactive.

To be marketed in the US, CBD may contain no more than 0.03 of THC. Beds in the b-calm line feature CBD in both its cover and top upholstery layers, using a graphite latex foam that has CBD mixed directly into its formula. The oil infusion in these layers are meant to help provide the consumer with the restfulness and calm for which CBD is known.

In addition to this buzz-worthy line-up, Therapedic is also introducing a new trio of promotions for retailers. The Helping Hand program is supported by a host of marketing tools, including print and digital assets for customizable ads, e-blasts, store signage and
social media graphics.

“We believe the best way to support our retail partners is to deliver actionable ideas and
resources at a time that they need it most,” said CEO Gerry Borreggine. “As areas of the country embark on reopening, the weeks ahead will see some bright spots as well as
some continued, or different, challenges.”

Kicking off with the Helping Hand Sleep Sale, which focuses on the importance of sleep as part of healthy living and wellness overall, the Fresh Start Sleep Sale offers a discount on sleep sets to drive traffic and sales, as well as help the consumer sleep better. In addition to comprehensive marketing tools, the promotion can also be accompanied by a TV and radio spot. The Fresh Start Sleep Sale follows with the theme of starting over, which Borreggine explained could mean a fresh start coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown, or the start of a new season. The third promotion is a zero percent interest offer that addresses the financial impact felt by many consumers as a result of the pandemic.

Borreggine explained, “Our country’s unemployment rate shot from under four percent to over 14 percent in two months, and that is a very real issue that we have to take head-on to make sales during this time, while helping people get a better mattress and better sleep.”