TFS Unveils Hospitality-Focused Natural Home Copper Collection

TFS’ new Natural Home Copper Collection offers health and safety for consumers at home, as well as for guests and staff in the hospitality category. Designed with patented CottonX copper ion infused threads embedded in organic cotton and Tencel fabric, the Copper Collection features an antimicrobial barrier that limits the ability of viruses, bacteria and odors to live on the mattress surface. 

A sustainable US manufacturer since 1976, TFS maintains relevant certifications including GOTS, GOLS & USDA organic standards for the natural and organic materials used in its sofa, mattress and bedding lines. Priding itself on its ability to inform the community about natural bedding and mattress options, the TFS brand aims to be transparent, free of chemicals and eco-friendly. 

Offering compelling designs that contribute to the ambiance of the bedroom, TFS’ Copper Collection delivers style and substance by utilizing comfortable and natural materials including cashmere, latex, horse hair, wool, coconut, hemp, cotton, PLA fibers as well as steel springs. Wrapped in knitted organic cotton infused with copper and blended with Tencel, the models in the collection deliver a luxurious and cozy hand. 

The Natural Home Copper Collection is unique in that the copper is not a finish sprayed onto the fabric—instead, the copper used in the lineup is permanently embedded into each cotton cuticle before the yarn is spun, creating a thoroughly protective product. Its antimicrobial properties make it a terrific choice for the resort and hospitality sector looking to help its guests feel safe.