Tempur-Pedic Unveils Choice Line of Adjustable Mattresses

Lexington, TN-based mattress maker Tempur-Pedic® International unveiled its latest product line this week at a Las Vegas winter market.

The company's Choice mattress collection offers varying degrees of firmness that can be adjusted with a remote control. The beds also allow sleep partners who prefer different degrees of firmness to set unique feels for their portion of the bed.

tempur-pedic choiceEach person can choose from more than 120 settings, according to a company statement, and the beds have a built-in memory feature to allow a one-touch recall to a user's preferred setting.

"What we've really showcased here is Tempur-Pedic innovation," said Rick Anderson, Tempur-Pedic's executive vice president and North American president. "We're constantly working and thinking to bring new innovations to our products so consumers have a better experience and ultimately sleep better."

Queen versions of two of the mattresses in the line are priced $3,499 to $3,999 and will be available beginning this spring.

Hopes are high for the new product line, which is expected to help fuel growth for the company as it comes off an eventful year. Tempur-Pedic struggled with increased competition from other mattress makers, who launched memory foam products in recent years.

A bright spot in recent months has been Tempur-Pedic's Breeze line of mattresses that are designed to offer a cooler sleep. Among the other product introductions the company made at the Las Vegas Market trade show was a third mattress utilizing the Breeze technology.

A queen version of the Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze bed will be priced at $4,999 when it debuts in spring.

For more information, visit www.tempurpedic.com.

About Tempure-Pedic International: Tempur-Pedic, manufactures and distribute mattresses, pillows and other sleep and relaxation products, most of them made using a formulation of our proprietary TEMPUR® material. The company currently sells products in more than 80 countries under the TEMPUR® and Tempur-Pedic® brand names. Tempur-Pedic world headquarters are in Lexington, KY.