Technogel Sleeping Unveils Enhanced Gel Mattresses at Las Vegas Market

Technogel® Sleeping has updated its entire line of Italian-designed mattresses, offering a comprehensive selection of high-end beds that redefine the concept of restful sleep at the winter Las Vegas Market.

Technogel Sleeping is introducing a new gel/latex model — Armonia — designed for sleepers who seek a firm feel with even pressure distribution and a cool sleep surface. It is also showcasing the latest re-finements to its popular Estasi and Sollievo gel mattresses. All of the models have been enhanced with an updated, designer-look zipper cover.

“Technogel Sleeping remains the first and only brand to use up to 85 pounds of biocompatible gel in our mattresses. These new and improved models are the culmination of 2-1/2 years of research and development combined with consumer and retailer feedback,” said Alvise Bertoncello, VP of Sales & Marketing at Technogel U.S., based in Pittsburgh. “They elevate Technogel further above the competition in both construction and style.”

A world leader in gel manufacturing, Technogel pioneered a new segment of the bedding market when it began selling its line of innovative products in the United States in 2010. Technogel Sleeping’s newest line (all available in Twin XL, Queen, King and Cal King sizes) meets a range of unique needs for improved sleep, and, as a result, an improved quality of life. The current Technogel Sleeping lineup includes:

*Estasi+, the ultimate gel experience with a one-inch-thick Technogel layer covering the entire mattress surface and an enhanced tower grid design architected to provide better pressure relief, with flexible support especially targeted at the shoulders and hips.

*Armonia, a brand new model, features a full, half-inch-thick Technogel layer molded to a Talalay latex core for uplifting relief and supple support. This model is ideal for those seeking a firm feel with even pressure distribution and a cool sleep surface. 

*Sollievo, which combines the benefits of gel with the traditional comfort of coils, features a fully covered, half-inch Technogel layer on top of a luxurious base of Swedish pocketed coils. The gel is specifically designed to provide the right support to every part of the body, as well as a total cooling sensation.

The Technogel Sleeping line is sold nationwide through high-end mattress retailers and leading specialty stores. Technogel is produced in Italy along with the full line of pillows while the mattresses are assembled in the United States.

As consumer interest in the benefits of gel has increased in 2012, Technogel remains the original line of mattresses to use a full layer of biocompatible gel that conforms evenly to the body in every direction.

“Studies conducted at the Department of Neurosciences at the University of Turin show that Technogel Sleeping products can help individuals sleep more efficiently by reducing time spent in the light phases of sleep while increasing deep sleep by 45 percent,” said Alvise Bertoncello, VP of Sales & Marketing at Technogel U.S., based in Pittsburgh. “In other words, Technogel is clinically proven to support a sustained rest in the most rejuvenating stages of sleep when blood supply increases, and tissue growth and repair occurs.” 

Years of research and commitment to innovation and design are at the heart of the Technogel range of mattresses and pillows. Unlike conventional foam mattresses, where the body simply sinks, a Technogel mattress supports the sleeper’s body while still allowing natural ease of movement.

Key characteristics that enable Technogel to deliver a better sleeping experience include:

*3D deformation: Technogel is a unique, “soft solid” material that joins the three-dimensional deformation of a fluid with the memory shape of a solid, allowing it to mold to each individual’s physical structure. As a result, pressure is evenly distributed over the entire contact surface, generating a substantial reduction in pressure and an improvement in blood circulation.

*Thermal regulation: Characterized by a high thermal conductivity compared with other isolator materials such as foam or memory foam, Technogel is able to lower the contact surface’s temperature. Scientific studies show that a decrease in skin temperature reduces tissues’ demand for oxygen, which means sleep is less prone to disruption on Technogel mattresses. 

*Ventilation: A specific tower grid design has been developed to optimize the benefits of the Technogel material. This innovative design has open air channels that deliver extraordinary air circulation while providing optimal moisture conduction. Thanks to its unique thermal properties, Technogel provides an enjoyable, cool feeling.

*Ergonomics: Human bodies, particularly spines, need support that can adapt to their 3D structure, without causing pain, tissue compression or improper posture. Several tests conducted on Technogel mattresses at the Ergonomie Institut München in Germany confirm the superior ergonomic support they provide to persons of all sizes.

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About Technogel U.S.: Technogel is a patented gel used in products that make the world more comfortable. Technogel U.S., Inc., a division of the global joint venture with offices in Italy and Germany, fo-cuses on the development and sale of bedding products that redefine restful sleep. Initially founded in 1990 as Royal Medica, applications of Technogel® began in the medical equipment market and quickly expanded to office furniture, footwear, and art and design. In 1998, Royal Medica formed a joint venture with Otto Bock GmbH, and the partnership gave rise to the company now known as Technogel. While its proprietary gel continues to be a value-added component for products across a multitude of industries, Technogel U.S., Inc. formally began in 2009, motivated to help Americans combat sleep deprivation with its Technogel® Sleeping branded line of mattresses and pillows.