Spring Air Redefines the Luxurious Chattam & Wells Brand

At the winter Las Vegas Market, Spring Air will launch an “uncompromising redefinition” of one of the industry’s first true luxury bedding brands: Chattam & Wells. Originally introduced in 1997, the new Chattam & Wells collection is the result of more than a year of “re-thinking and re-designing the brand with strong input from women, particularly Millennials,” said company president Rick Robinson.

“Our objective was not to recreate the former line but to completely redefine it in today’s terms,” he continued. “The outcome is a new Chattam & Wells series that offers true luxury and fashion as defined by a new generation.”

The new five-model collection features multiple coil designs and is set to retail starting at $2,000. The beds incorporate a variety of natural materials including latex, thick Joma wool layers and cotton fabrics. The top panel is quilted and features genuine button tufting, while the foundations include heavy-duty, 18-slat wood designs to provide extra support and durability.

“These products far surpass the quality and craftsmanship that have always been the hallmark of the Chattam & Wells brand,” Robinson explained. “Every aspect of each bed—both inside and out—was held to an uncompromising standard. Building any one of the 2016 Chattam models requires new machinery and new skill sets, but the finished product is well worth the effort.”

In developing the new collection, Spring Air asked dozens of retailers on two continents to identify what constitutes “luxury” in their markets. The company also studied what today’s affluent female of 25+ years is looking for—not only in a mattress but in the world of fashion overall.

“The collaboration of licensee and corporate marketing resources on this project has been outstanding,” Robinson noted.

Jennie Schuh, director of marketing at Spring Air-California, worked closely with the corporate marketing team to help capture a luxury look for Chattam & Wells with similar fresh, modern overtones and great Millennial appeal. Looking toward several global fashion leaders and lifestyle brands for inspiration, the line-up is dressed in rich, contemporary upholstery fabrics in both solids and prints. The color palette brings together muted taupes, grays, silvers and ivories, all of which work to set off the brushed steel Chattam & Wells label at the foot of each bed. Positioned above the brand name on each metal label is the crown design that was part of the original logo.

The coordinating top-of-bed accessories include a branded, solid foot protector with a hidden spec card, framed pillow shams supported by a bolster featuring large shell-like buttons, and a branded decorative pillow in the same print fabric as the beds’ side panels.

When delivered, Chattam & Wells customers will notice that the mattress, prior to any other wrapping or packaging materials, is stored in a gray muslin bag. Attached to the mattress is a Welcome Kit enclosed in another gray muslin bag, which is imprinted with the brand’s crown design. Among other contents, the kit contains a personal note signed by the bed’s craftsman, lavender sachet for its relaxation benefits, and suggestions on how to convert a bedroom into a true sleep haven.

“The 2016 Chattam & Wells collection offers ‘the best of the best’ and every amenity of luxury,” explained Robinson. “The overall look is of a very fine piece of contemporary furniture for your home.”

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