Spring Air ® Launches Sleep Sense™ BioMax™ Mattress Collection

Spring Air International achieved third-party “environmental transparency,” with the launch of their new specialty mattress line documented to meet several key environmental standards.

“With so much misinformation about ‘green’ and ‘natural’ sleep products in the market, consumers have a right to know how and what their mattresses are made of,” said company president Rick Robinson, who announced Spring Air’s new Sleep Sense™ Bio-Max™ collection.

The BioMax line has earned a Level II Seal/Tag rating in the Specialty Sleep Association’s (SSA) Environmental & Safety Program™. The line will be supported by a comprehensive, three-level marketing program that the company will demonstrate in its showroom using basic POS package and/or an interactive, IPad® consumer education station.

The BioMax collection features Oeko-Tex® Standard 100*-certified latex foams and panel fabrics, plus CertiPUR®-US**-certified polyurethane foam components, among other environmentally meaningful materials.

According to Robinson, Spring Air’s BioMax beds are backed by substantial research and development aimed at creating combinations of materials that are environmentally superior, as well as performance-driven. “As a brand trusted by consumers for 85 years, we believe in continuing to earn that trust in everything we make and everything we do,” he added. “We decided to take a lead position on environmental responsibility and to be truthful and accountable in marketing the ecologic and human benefits of our products.”

Expected to retail from $1,299 to $2,199 in queen, the new four-bed BioMax line carries a 20-year warranty. Like all Sleep Sense products, every model uses Spring Air’s patented, multi-level core design. A BioMax™ pressure-relieving poly foam core that’s CertiPUR-US-certified has varying surface heights that deliver superior support and pressure reduction at strategic body points.

“Interlocked” with the foam cores are premium comfort and support layers that include Conforma™ foam, memory foam and Oeko-Tex 100-certified Talalay latex, depending on the model. A Celsion® latex topper is placed over this proprietary interlocking design to help dispel body heat and regulate sleep temperature during the night. The BioMax beds are encased in a silver infused, knit/suede zippered cover, also certified by Oeko-Tex to contain no harmful substances. Natural, and negatively-charged, silver is antibacterial, static-reductive and dust mite-resistant.

“The look of these covers, combined with the exclusive ‘tri-scalloped’ borders we developed to highlight the zones of pressure relief and lumbar support, give the line a unique, specialty profile,” he said. “The scalloped border treatments also help RSAs and consumers see the actual support design of the beds.”

Finally, every BioMax model uses the Sleep Sense patented sustainable wood foundation certified by Canada’s Forest Stewardship Council.

“We’re very proud of this new and ‘documented greener’ mattress offering,” Robinson concluded. “We’ve achieved a new level of transparency by fully disclosing our components and content. And as a consumer products manufacturer, we feel good about the steps we’re taking toward improved environmental stewardship.”

Robinson called the introduction “a significant step in our environmental vision for bedding in the future. We may substitute or change out components in our other mattress lines to further reduce our environmental impact.”

The new collection can be seen in the Spring Air showroom at the World Market Center in Las Vegas.

Visit www.springair.com.


*Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a uniform, science-based certification developed by the I International Oeko-Tex Association, founded in 1992. The standard limits the use of chemicals and toxins harmful to humans in all types of textile products.

**CertiPUR-US is an extension of the European program established in 2002. Polyurethane foam products that are CertiPUR-US- certified have been independently tested for physical performance, indoor air quality and environmental stewardship. These foams are made without ozone depleters, PBDEs (a class of flame-retardant chemicals), mercury, lead, formaldehyde or prohibited phthalates.