Spring Air Embraces Gel with Impressive Launches

Spring Air mattress company is launching a major new Back Supporter® Conforma® Gel collection with exclusive components and a multi-patented design and a new Back Supporter Cool Dots™ line with, “the most effective cooling properties of any gel foam now on the market,” says Rick Robinson, company president.

The Boston-based Spring Air says both lines are backed by an array of point-of-sale materials, new demonstration tools as well as advertising tailored for local markets and events. These package items are all geared to lure shoppers to Spring Air retail floors.

“We know Spring Air is not the first-to-market in the gel category,” Robinson explains, “but what we’re offering retailers is clearly first in the category: Two gel foam options that are not only distinct from each other in design, look and price, but also remarkably different from other gel products now being offered.”

“As a mattress producer, we see it as our mission to meet the needs of specific markets with targeted products such as the company’s Breathe™ mattress collections, and address the demands of the greater marketplace.”


Spring Air defines its new Conforma Gel line as “ultra-premium” because “it offers far more than the standard cooling benefits and updated looks of other gel products on the market,” according to Robinson.

The Conforma Gel layer—which ranges up to three inches thick across the line—is tri-zoned from head to foot in a diamond (head-position), hexagon (middle or torso position), diamond (foot portion of the bed) design. This medically documented technology leverages pattern, size, depth, spacing and location to effectively redistribute pressure, increase body envelopment, reduce friction, and enhance air circulation.

“The middle, hexagon-cut portion of the Conforma Gel layer has a more open pattern that allows for superior weight displacement and pressure relief,” Robinson explains.

The memory foam itself is open-cell for healthy airflow and is currently being tested to earn content, emission and durability certification.

Green in color, the gel is marbleized throughout the memory foam layer. The color is intentional and intuitive, reflecting the foam’s maximum natural polyol content and the anticipated environmental certification, resulting in a more eco-friendly product.

Conforma Gel products are available on either an adjustable base or on Spring Air’s sustainable hardwood foundation. The encased-coil beds carry a 10-year full warranty; the all-foam specialty models offer a 20-year pro-rated warranty.

“We believe we’ve achieved a better design in this relatively new category,” he continues. “With an exclusive gel foam whose effectiveness has been clearly demonstrated, is performance-proven in the medical field and has ‘breathable’ components that respect both the sleeper and the environment, retailers now have much more to market and sell in a gel bed.”

To clearly communicate the distinct benefits of its new Conforma Gel line, Spring Air has developed a series of four icons for use in POS materials that express the beds’ key differences and attributes: three-zone support, high natural content and, breathability.


Spring Air’s second gel-based introduction delivers what the company calls “the most demonstrable cooling properties of any current gel product.”

“Pilot tests at a number of sleep shops, furniture and department stores have shown tremen-dous acceptance by consumers,” Robinson said.

Rather than beaded, swirled or blended into the memory foam, Cool Dots™ gel is poured into strategically placed indentations or “dimples” in the foam layer, to form large “gel circles.” This process delivers higher concentrations of gel and its cooling benefits across the foam surface.

Back Supporter Cool Dots products use a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam, zoned with Cool Dots in the mid section, to address the heat issues that sleepers typically experience in their torsos or midsections. Beneath the gel foam are layers of premium upholstery foams and fibers, placed over Spring Air’s exclusive foam-encased, wrapped coil core.

Offered in firm or plush comfort feels at $799 in queen, the beds will be shown over the com-pany’s sustainable hardwood foundation.

Cool Dots models are designed in quilted knits in colors ranging from teals to varying shades of blue. Matching pillow shams and foot protectors in an ice blue shade complete the sense of sleeping coolness the line is meant to evoke at retail.

Spring Air has developed captivating in-store materials that use an ice blue and white color palette. The POP features a standing polar bear that serves as the “icon” for the line. Against a backdrop of polar snow and ice, the bear sports a Spring Air-branded “Cool Dots” necktie and appears with the message “A comfortable night’s sleep has never been so cool. Prove it to yourself.”

Both of Spring Air’s new collection will be shown in the company’s showroom at the Las Vegas Market in July.

Visit www.springair.com.