Spring Air Debuts New Nature’s Choice Collection

Spring Air International is adding the six-model Nature’s Choice mattress collection to its portfolio to complement its highly successful sister brand, Nature’s Rest. While Nature’s Rest is constructed with all-natural Talalay latex cores and linen fabrics, Nature’s Choice has been designed with a hybrid construction that replicates the feel of latex at a more attainable price point. Nature’s Choice will debut this summer virtually and will be on display at the summer Las Vegas Market. 

“As one of our best-selling legacy brands, Nature’s Rest has been extremely popular with consumers who are looking for a healthier night’s sleep through mattresses that include sustainable components. However, some consumers simply have a smaller budget than the premiere price point of an all-Talalay latex construction,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “With this new line, we have replaced the latex cores from Nature’s Rest with foam cores and encased coils, yet still offer latex as a comfort layer, ensuring a natural element is included in the line.” 

A Hybrid Alternative That Replicates The Latex Feel

Developed in conjunction with Spring Air’s Tennessee-based licensee, Nature’s Choice was created to fill the void in the market for a hybrid alternative that replicates the latex feel, yet still provides some natural benefits at more value-focused price point. 

“Nature’s Choice provides a terrific sleep surface with a comfort level that is matched to the individual with the added benefit of a latex comfort layer at a more affordable price,” said Mark Campbell, executive vice president at Spring Air licensee Johnson City Bedding. “The line offers pressure relief by conforming closely to the body to align the spine for a level sleep position while absorbing the curves in the body to relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders. The build also makes it easier to move during sleep, offering less disturbance.” 

The six models in the program feature a range of materials and feels. The Orion Cushion Firm and Orion Plush are both foam-encased coil models; the Apollo Plush and Apollo Firm feature six-inch foam cores; and Cirrus Luxury Firm and Cirrus Luxury Plush offer six-inch Talalay latex cores. The hybrid program offers retailers a full portfolio of products across a variety of price points and materials under the Nature’s Choice brand umbrella, each with a oneto two-inch latex comfort layer. Every model in the collection is upholstered in a hybrid-styled white fabric cover that mimics the classic style of Nature’s Rest, but at an entry level price point that ranges from $1,599 to $2,599.

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