Spring Air Unveils New Breathe Line Of Antiviral And Antibacterial Mattresses

As COVID-19 persists and consumers remain hyper-concerned with health and wellness, Spring Air International is launching a timely new mattress collection that is focused on delivering consumers a healthier night’s sleep. Breathe by Spring Air is a four-model line-up designed with anti-virus and anti-bacterial capabilities, ensuring added protection from not only viruses but allergies as well.

“Our Breathe collection helps ensure a safe, sound sleep in an otherwise uncertain world,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “We are confident that the new collection will resonate with our retail partners and their consumers as they look for products that help keep them safe.”

The new models are manufactured using Nano Shield technology, which eliminates more than 98% of viruses within four hours of contact and more than 98% of bacteria within one hour of contact. Nano Shield technology involves the use of small particles that are integrated into fibers and textiles, such as mattress ticking, which repel viruses, bacteria and stains.

In addition to helping stave off bacteria and viruses, the collection also offers a better night’s sleep to asthma and allergy sufferers. Retail pricing will range from $1,299 to $1,899 for the hybrid collection in queen sizes.

The initial launch for Breathe by Spring will take place digitally via a YouTube video, due to the fact that the pandemic has significantly cut back attendance at in-person markets. Moving forward, the company plans to make digital elements a part of every future product launch by Spring Air.

“The ongoing challenges from the pandemic have totally changed the way we and our customers do business,” Bates explained. “We need to be sure that we produce support materials using a broad range of digital multi-media tools that empower our partners and help them make informed product selections for their businesses.”

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