Spaldin Touts Waste Reduction With Its New Circular Collection

At the upcoming Las Vegas winter market, Spaldin is set to introduce its new Circular Collection to North America. With this new series of products, the company takes a step further on the road to sustainability. Its philosophy of a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. This entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system.

“Since we established ourselves in the USA in 2008, we have been offering retailers and consumers innovative, proven and tested sleep solutions that differentiate us from other brands,” said Oscar Valdemoros, president of Spaldin.

Valdemoros went on to explain that mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste; an estimated 20 million mattresses are disposed every year in the USA alone. Many of today’s mattresses are largely made of foam, a material that it is not easy to re-process and requires glues to hold the structure together. This makes the complete recycling of mattresses a huge challenge.

Spaldin has developed an alternative mattress manufacturing process using a modular design. By connecting the mattress layers in a reversible manner, the company ensures its products are fully recyclable while also enabling frequent maintenance for quality and hygiene purposes. No glues or foams are used in Spaldin’s manufacturing process.

“This modular design will allow us to explore new distribution concepts, converting products into services,” Valdemoros continued. “These can include a leasing option where consumers pay a fixed fee per month per the use of the mattress and when the consumer is finished we will take the mattress back for recycling or be made into a new mattress at the end of life. We want to make our contribution to unravelling the issue of waste in the world. Hopefully circular beds became ‘new norm’ in the mattress industry.”

In addition to launching its new Circular line and a full philosophy of waste reduction, Spaldin will also be showcasing its portfolio of smart sleep products at the winter market, including the recently launched Aboh and new models that offer technology for tracking, assessing and improving sleep.