Spaldin Sleep Systems Introduces Gemma Mattresses

Spaldin Sleep Systems is introducing new types of mattresses that will hit the showrooms of North America’s top retailer by next spring. The Gemma line is designed to enhance sleepers’ comfort in a variety of ways.

Thanks to its carefully designed gem-like foam structure, air flows evenly throughout the mattress, a feature not found in the more random cellular structure of standard foam.

“Thermal comfort has been the big forgotten element in the industry for years,” Oscar Valdemoros, Spaldin’s president points out. “It affects more than 50% percent of the quality of our sleep. Spaldin has always considered the thermal conductivity of the materials we use to build our mattresses and how they interact with human body’s sleep patterns and circadian rhythms.”

Another major selling point is the foam’s ability to dry almost the moment it comes into contact with moisture, which ensures that the sleeper will remain dry as well. It was originally developed for use in outdoor products to limit exposure to rain, heavy due and snow.

Finally, the mattresses’ multi-layer construction also contains foams with different levels of resilience and memory characteristics to respond to the body’s alignment and relieve pressure points.

These new mattresses’ technologically advanced features led an independent laboratory to classify the Gemma line as “Excellent,” with an index of 0.82 out of 1; a score 36% higher than that accorded to any equivalent gel-infused line.

Visit the Spaldin booth at B0226 during the winter market at the Las Vegas World Market Center for an early glimpse at the Gemma mattress line.