Southerland’s ‘Family Of Brands’ Program Helps Dealers Compete

Offering dealers more tools to compete with nationally advertised brands, independent mattress manufacturer Southerland’s Family of Brands provides the essence of a private label program across the entire product and price spectrum. Complete with internet support, point of sale and training of national brands, the lineup of domestically produced luxury mattresses—Scandinavian, Evolution, Thermobalance, and Heritage—represents one of the fastest-growing segments of the company’s business.

“As competition intensifies, our dealers with brick and mortar locations need domestically made product lines that boost margins and provide alternatives for consumers who don’t want to order a mattress online,” said Bryan Smith, president and chief executive officer of Southerland. “Our Family of Brands program meets their needs and gives us the opportunity to gain more slots on the sales floor.”

Smith said dealers opting to floor select brands produced by Southerland typically have exclusive distribution for their market area as well as the first opportunity to purchase any new products the company introduces. Plus, Southerland’s sales and merchandising team may design private line sleep sets with specific features and benefits for dealers who commit to long-term partnerships with Southerland.

“All Southerland Family of Brands programs come with the same quality-control checks and the same warranty as our regular lineup,” said Smith. “We never cut corners because we want to deliver the product with the best value for the consumer.”

The popularity of Southerland’s Family of Brands program at retail is exemplified by Mooresville, North Carolina-based Sweet Dreams, a four-store operation that has sold Southerland mattresses for nearly a decade and has enjoyed particular success with products manufactured by the company.

“Southerland’s quality control and attention to detail are incredible, and that allows our team to be confident when they recommend something from the Sweet Dreams line to our customers,” said Greg Law, co-owner of Sweet Dreams. “It speaks to our core values of selling a good night’s sleep, not just selling someone any old mattress.”

Law said best-sellers from the line include several mid-priced innerspring models featuring copper-infused memory foam.  However, premium-priced models featuring Southerland’s Scandinavian sleep system line also sell well, as do entry level products.


About Southerland: Southerland has been making quality mattresses in the U.S. since 1893. Using only best-in-class materials and components, Southerland currently sells its line of mattresses and adjustable bases throughout 43 states. By implementing its stringent quality assurance program, Southerland manufactures mattresses that are backed by the company’s “making it right” philosophy that stands behind every product delivered. Each of its products is delivered to retailers via its wholly-owned transportation company. The company’s seven production and distribution facilities in Nashville, Tennessee; Cleveland, Ohio; Phoenix, Arizona; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Tualatin, Oregon, total more than 480,000 square feet.