Soft-Tex Releases New York Home Fashions Market Preview

Soft-Tex International will host customers in its 230 Fifth Avenue showroom (Showroom 1204) and showcase new product collections during New York Home Fashions week (September 23rd through 27th). At this market, Soft-Tex is hyper-focused on new innovation of both perennial and emerging trends in the bedding industry including its collections which are focused on the latest cooling technologies, wellness, sustainability and the “total bedroom.” Soft-Tex’s showroom will also highlight new collections of licensed brand products and customizable domestically produced pillow programs:

Cooling | Showcasing its latest cooling technology, Soft-Tex will focus on featuring Cool Coat, an innovation that involves the application of a thin coating of cooling gel to memory foam once it cures. This process speeds the dissipation of heat in variety of products.

Wellness | Meeting the needs of increasingly health-conscious consumers, Soft-Tex will present its expanded wellness collection with products infused with copper, silver, graphite, charcoal and aloe vera all of which offer unique health benefits.

Sustainability | Soft-Tex will showcase its sustainability efforts including the use of recycled and eco-friendly fibers, fabrics and packaging in New York. New technologies in this area include FreshFill fibers and EcoShape foams used in various pillows, mattress toppers and pads. Soft-Tex also offers a variety of natural / eco-friendly products made from recycled, organic and/or natural materials including a pillow and mattress pads filled with recycled fibers and featuring organic cotton covers.

Complete Bedroom-in-a-Box | After introducing a collection of solid wood, easy-to-assemble bedroom furniture earlier this year, Soft-Tex will introduce the "total bedroom-in-a-box” creating new bundles of furniture items with mattresses and other basic bedding items. For the back to campus market, Soft-Tex is also furthering the bedroom-in-a-box concept through a number of new dorm essentials bundles.

New Licensed Brands | Soft-Tex will welcome Tommy Bahama to its list of licensed brands this market. Additionally, the brand is set to display new collections of top-of-bed accessories available under its Restonic license.

Custom Domestically Produced Pillow Programs | At this market, Soft-Tex is highlighting its pillow production capabilities by demonstrating the variety of unique pillow ticks and fills available in its new customizable programs for retailers offering fast lead times, low minimum order quantities, and more.


About Soft-Tex : As one of America's premier sleep product manufacturers, Soft-Tex International's mission is to help consumers sleep comfortably and live better through innovative design. As the marketplace for sleep and home comfort products evolves, Soft-Tex meets the needs of omni-channel retailers by not only manufacturing products with leading-edge technologies, but also providing best-in-class physical and digital merchandising solutions.