New Sleepharmony Collections Enhance Glideaway’s Marketing

Glideaway New Intuition on 7sGlideaway Sleep Products will unveil the new Revive Performance Series from Sleepharmony and introduce new models to its Intuition Collection at the Summer Las Vegas Market. These are the first Glideaway collections specially designed as part of its new POP initiative, “The Five Good Sleep Components Guide,” which was developed as a sales tool for RSAs and to educate consumers about the benefits and features of each mattress. The POP materials emphasize five key requirements of creating an optimum sleeping environment: personal comfort fulfillment, proper support, balanced pressure relief, temperature regulation and antibacterial and allergen control.

The four new Intuition models are made with CertiPUR-US certified memory foam and feature a contemporary, charcoal and white swirl-patterned, stretch-knit ticking and complimentary charcoal side panels. The Regulate and Silver treatment keeps them at an optimum sleeping temperature and fight odor causing bacteria to provide a healthy sleeping environment. The Perception has a medium-firm feel, using two- inches of a plush and supportive memory foam blend and a six-inch support base. The Insight is moderately conforming and provides an ideal combination of soft comfort and response support. The mattress incorporates two-inches of higher density blended memory foam—supported by two inches of border foam, three-inches of convoluted gentle support transition foam and a five-inch support core. The Clarity features three-inches of high-density memory foam, three-inches of convoluted gentle support transition foam and a six-inch support core. The top model, the Enlighten provides deep comfort and strong support with a three-inch ultra plush pillow top. The mattress also uses 3.5-inches of high-density memory foam, 5.5-inches of gentle support transition foam and a five-inch support core.

“The Intuition Collection is aesthetically different from anything we have ever brought to market. The modern style of the ticking and side panels are sure to stand out on every showroom floor,” said Dan Baker, Vice President of Sales. “Many of our customers are independent furniture retailers who are often overlooked when it comes to sales training. Our new Five Good Sleep Components Guide is a fresh approach to educating the RSA—as well as the consumer—on what consumers should look for when purchasing a mattress. Each bed in the collection is designed to meet a variety of specific sleep needs necessary to ensure a good night’s sleep.”

The new Revive Performance series boasts three models that feature U.S. made performance visco-foam as well as a Silpure and Feran Ice® treated ticking to provide a cooler and healthier night’s sleep. Those materials along with its sleek design make it the company’s top-of-the-line memory foam offering, helping the company’s dealers by providing higher price points to compete in the $1,000 to $2,000 industry segment. Each mattress uses layers of performance foam that are arranged to provide superior pressure relief. The beds also feature “Air+ mesh fabric,” allowing air to escape through the mattress side panels for maximum airflow, keeping the sleeper and the mattress at an optimal sleeping temperature.

The Energy+ touts a medium firm feel and uses one-inch of high-density foam, two-inches of a unique memory foam blend and a seven-inch body support base. The Vitality features one-inch of a unique memory foam blend, two-inches of high-density memory foam, a seven-inch body support base and gentle support transition foam. The Invigorate touts a super-soft feel, using three-inches of a unique memory foam blend, two-inches of high performing, ultra-firm support memory foam, four-inches of Purelex foam and a five- inch body support foam.

“Our goal in creating the Revive Performance Series is to offer retailers a unique specialty sleep product that will satisfy the needs of consumers who are looking for products that will keep them both cool and fresh while providing maximum support for a comfortable night’s sleep, so they can awake energized in the morning,” said Baker. “We know that consumers see the value in and are willing to invest in a sleep system using only U.S. made foam materials, so we created our most high performance line using these components to appeal to both retailers and shoppers.”