SleepAngel Unveils Innovative Filter Bedding in Las Vegas

Sleep AngelAt the upcoming Las Vegas Market, SleepAngel will unveil the new Filter bedding: a patented, wellness brand that uses a unique air-Filter to block germs and allergens that contaminate bedding.

SleepAngel was inspired by an unsolved problem. Why should wellness conscious consumers compromise their family’s health with bedding that can become contaminated with dust mites, mold and bacteria over time?

SleepAngel came up with the answer, a solution that is impermeable to the smallest harmful germs, including virus, bacteria, molds and allergens. SleepAngel uses a Filter, which allows airflow ventilation into and out of the product, while blocking harmful germs and allergens. By using the best available specialty fillings such as Memory Foam, Gel, Micro-Fiber and Latex with an air-Filter barrier cover, SleepAngel offers great protection and great comfort at the same time.

SleepAngel will launch a range of mattresses, pillows, mattress enhancers and on-the-go products at the Vegas market. David Woolfson, company founder says; “Our ambition is to build SleepAngel into a trusted wellness brand. Our promise of comfortable Filter protection is something American consumers will connect with.”

Woolfson adds that, “SleepAngel offers consumers a night’s sleep that is purer and more comfortable than ever before. That’s why every morning spent waking up with SleepAngel is a Good Morning”. SleepAngel is offering distribution opportunities to American mattress and pillow retailers.

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About SleepAngel: SleepAngel is the patented bedding range from Gabriel Scientific, a life sciences company, based in Dublin, Ireland, dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative healthcare products that improve comfort and wellness for everyone. SleepAngel™ is scientifically proven to block virus, allergen, microbes and mold with the micro-porous PneumaPure™ Filter , which ventilates clean air in and out of the product. SleepAngel was presented with the InterTradeIreland national innovation award 2012 by the President of Ireland and is available in a range of pillow, mattress, topper and cushioning applications for the medical, hotel and consumer sectors.