Simmons Hospitality Promotes Recycling with New Initiative

Simmons Bedding Company and its hospitality division, Simmons Hospitality, will implement a new mattresses recycling program, after partnering with Global Sustainability Solutions. This initiative marks one of the most significant milestones in Simmons’ sustainability efforts.

The new Simmons Hospitality/GSS program will provide mattress installation, removal and recycling services, including delivery coordination and installation of the new product, as well as removal and transportation of the old bed sets—including bed frames—to a designated recycling plant.

Under this new program, hospitality clientele purchasing new mattresses from Simmons, such as the new Simmons Hospitality Beautyrest Recharge line, are offered the option of recycling their old beds through purchasing GSS’ services. The company offers complete turnkey service (including installation, removal and recycling), as well as removal and recycling services only.

“Simmons’ partnership with GSS gives our hospitality clients a cost-effective, hassle-free recycling option that dually streamlines the replacement process and battles landfill waste,” says Steve Tipton, Vice President of Simmons Hospitality. “Through this partnership, we are proudly taking an active role in developing viable solutions to the mattress disposal dilemma.”

Mattress recycling has gained traction in recent months, with states working with the International Sleep Products Association to find greener solutions for mattress disposal. Earlier this summer, Connecticut passed the nation’s first recycling bill, requiring industry-led nonprofit organizations to develop a mattress-recycling plan by July 2014. The California State Senate also approved a bill, which, if passed by the California Assembly, creates a state-run nonprofit organization that would coordinate mattress recycling statewide.

“Old mattresses are nearly 100 percent recyclable, which essentially means that our industry produces one of the most sustainable products in the marketplace,” Tipton says. “The new state-sponsored programs and legislation lay a great foundation for industry-wide policy change, and we hope sustainability initiatives like Simmons’ encourage other bedding manufacturers as well.